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Sunday, August 06, 2006

A Common Enemy, A Common Goal....

Perhaps the question is just too simplistic to ask. Perhaps it’s a matter of not being able to see the forest for the trees. Maybe it’s just a refusal to believe what is seen with our own eyes. It could be an inability to get past our own petty bickering.

No matter what the answer to the question happens to be, it’s past time for the free world to wake up!

The question posed is this;
Why can’t the free world understand that they must unite to defeat the Islamofascist terrorists? Why can they grasp the fact that this is everyone’s war? If the Islamofascist terrorists win, everyone else loses! It won’t matter if you’re a Republican or Democrat. It won’t count for anything if you’re French, Chinese or something else…If you’re not willing to become a follower of Islam the party will be over.

It’s totally understandable that the world will never be in complete agreement. It’s probably a good thing we aren’t. But when we face a common enemy, it’s time to rise to the occasion.

There was an extremely insightful article posted on the Times Online website. The article gives cause for hope to the free world as well as a wake-up call. The article deals primarily with Hezbollah and the current war to free the Middle East from the terror Hezbollah provides. The title of the article is “Terrorism is rotting the Islamic revolution it craves.”

Here’s an excerpt:

“Hezbollah's men of terror are both the strength and the Achilles heel of a movement that seeks to spread Islamic states, says Amir Taheri”


“The Lebanese know what all that could mean because they have seen it first hand in Beirut’s suburbs controlled by Hezbollah. But how many might wish to live in such a system? The answer came in Lebanon’s first free general election last year: Hezbollah and its allies won 14 of the 27 seats allocated to the Shi’ite community in the 128-seat national assembly. This means that some 89% of the Lebanese, including half the Shi’ite community, do not share Hezbollah’s vision of an Islamic state modelled on Iran.”

Still more:

“The message, first put by Hassan al-Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, is simple: the modern world, a creation of Crusader-Zionists, cannot reflect the values and aspirations of Muslims. It declares that Islam has the right, indeed the duty, to offer an alternative to the western model.

To build the Islamic model, Muslims must expel the Crusader-Zionists from their land, regain control of their destiny, build powerful states and proceed to liberate Muslim lands lost to the “infidel”.

The same message is put by Muhammad Khatami, Iran’s former president, in a more sophisticated way: the modern West, a child of the Renaissance, has led to colonialism, imperialism and world wars, pushing mankind to the brink of extinction through thermonuclear exchanges or environmental collapse. Western civilisation has undermined the family, done away with moral scruples, encouraged sexual licentiousness and promoted greed as man’s highest motivation. It is Islam’s mission to offer all nations, Muslim or not, an alternative vision.
Such a purely political interpretation of Islam illustrates why the West must engage in a battle of values, as Blair suggests. For this political interpretation has several advantages for its proponents.

It challenges western-style nationalist, liberal, democratic, socialist and communist parties. It also prevents theological discussions that would reveal divisions within Islam, even inside rival Sunni and Shi’ite camps.

Inside the Muslim world rival sects persecute and murder each other because of religious differences. The Egyptian government does not allow Shi’ites to have a mosque in Cairo while the Khomeinist regime denies that right to Sunnis in Tehran. Sectarian killings have become part of daily life in some Muslim countries, most glaringly in Pakistan and Iraq.”
And more:

“The majority of Muslims abhor the use of indiscriminate violence even in response to genuine grievances let alone in pursuit of dreams of world conquest. And the history of the past three decades shows that Islamic terrorism can be defeated.
This happened in Egypt, where Islamists fought an exceptionally vicious campaign for a quarter of a century. It also happened in Algeria, where Islamic terrorism claimed some 150,000 lives in a decade. Turkey has managed to smash Islamist groups, most notably the Turkish branch of Hezbollah.
In the past five years Saudi Arabia has also crushed several Islamist groups, thus loosening their hold on segments of the population. Pakistan, too, has scored significant blows against Islamists — a fact largely ignored by the western media.”

The article is well worth the time it takes to read, and read it you can HERE

Thanks to The Times Online for their excellant posting!

It really doesn’t matter your political stripe or your spiritual affiliation, this enemy needs to be defeated. The war will be long and hard fought as we have already witnessed. The free world’s defeat means a return to the Dark Ages…unthinkable to this blogger.

The only solution is unity of purpose and that purpose is the total and utter defeat of the Islamofascist terrorists on every front.

God bless America


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