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Monday, May 01, 2006

May Day, May Day

Will there be any positive gain from the May Day Boycotts?

It would seem that quite possibly there will be some gain… In many ways the boycott will serve to draw out the truth and expose the real motives of the illegal aliens and their supporters.

There are laws in place, and in need of enforcement…indeed the laws must be strengthened.

America cannot continue playing politics with the illegal alien problem…it’s time to grab this bull by the horns!!!

Mexican nationalists have a place to take their nationalism, Mexico.

Enough of the hyphened America! Only one word is needed to define an American that is simply “American”. If one feels the need to be defined as a “wherever”- American, perhaps they should return to “wherever”. A choice has to be made, an allegiance has to be pledged and a culture needs to be embraced…

The resolution to the illegal alien debacle must be in America’s best interest, politics aside.

We need absolute strict border security as well as enforcement. There must be automatic detention, no quick release, there must be instant deportation. The idea of any extension of amnesty must be rejected.

America must avoid any short-sighted plans of “fast-track” citizenship. It is not impossible to become an American citizen, fill out the paper-work and wait your turn in line.

America must impose strong penalties on employers that hire illegals.

New immigrants coming to America through proper legal channels must be Americanized. Learn the language (English), adopt the culture, and embrace the nation; that will come from a love for their new homeland.

Legislation must be passed concerning the birthright citizenship of children born in America to undocumented immigrants. Children born in America to undocumented immigrants (illegal aliens) should not receive automatic citizenship or the rights and privileges of legal citizenship.

Expect a strong backlash to the May Day debacle, mass arrests should be made and illegals deported….

God bless America


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