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Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Greatest Play in Major League Baseball

There have been many great moments in American Major League Baseball. Many great stories have been told about many great players. It is said that baseball is America’s national pastime, it certainly is our game.

Whether or not you’re a baseball fan, or even a sports fan doesn’t really matter. I’m a fan of America. Once in a while, without warning, we get to witness someone being a hero.

This is the sort of event that breaks the heart of the American Civil Liberties Union. When it happened the ACLU was helpless…..

The event I’m referring to took place thirty years ago, but thanks to MLB.com you can witness it again right now.

The hero of the day was Rick Monday. The place was Dodger Stadium, the date April 25, 1976.

Click on this link : Watch a Real Hero

Be sure to turn up the volume.

Again, thanks to MLB.com and Rick, after all these years, you’re still a hero!!

God bless America


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