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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Nukes, Gone in a Couple of Days....

Here’s a thought;

'US could wipe out Iran nukes in 2 days'……that would certainly take a little wind from the sails of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. No doubt there would be some screams and howls from the Arab world, but removing the potential nuke threat couldn’t be anything but good. The free world would surely rest easier!

The article actually titled “'US could wipe out Iran nukes in 2 days'’ was published in the Jerusalem Post’s online edition. Written by Yigal Grayeff, the article outlines what some believe may be the only solution to the Iranian nuke problem.

A bit of the article;

Gary Berntsen, the former senior CIA operative who led the search for Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan in late 2001, believes the United States has the ability to easily destroy Iran's nuclear facilities. He said the US could use bunker-buster bombs and other weapons to carry out the operation. "We can dig those things out. We can destroy them," he told The Jerusalem Post in an interview.

"We can take care of it in a couple of days with air strikes and they wouldn't be able to stop us," he added. "It wouldn't be difficult to plan. There'd be some dangers but I think the United States can do it."

So there’s the plan, what do you think? How many innocent lives would be spared in the long run?

Here’s more of the article;

“"I know the Iranians. I've worked against the Iranians for years. They are determined to get this no matter what, and they will lie and cheat and do whatever they have to do to get themselves a weapon," he said.

Berntsen ruled out covert action because of the scale of Iran's nuclear program.

"This is a huge system of facilities they have. This is not going to be a small sort of engagement. We are probably going to have to destroy 30 facilities in 30 locations. Or at least 15," he said.”


"We should do what we're doing right now. That means taking them to the United Nations and make this 'the world against Iran,' because the Iranians appear determined to create a weapon," he said.

"If by chance they disarm, then we can avoid this, but if they don't disarm we will need to take care of this ourselves," he said.

"The Iranians have to know that we mean business. They will either disarm or we will destroy their facilities. No ifs, ands, or buts. They present a threat to peace in the Middle East. They present a threat to Israel. We cannot accept that," he added.

You can read the complete article Here

So, do you think Iran will still be in the nuke business this time next year? I don’t think so…

Thanks to the Jerusalem Post, Yigal Grayeff and staff for the fine thought provoking article…

Please visit our good friends at Regime Change Iran

They can provide you with the latest information concerning the happenings in Iran.

God Bless America


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