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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

More Than Surrender

The smoky little club was far from full that night. Nevertheless, the small crowd had their Tuborg and they had “Champion Jack Dupree”. Jack was tickling the ivories, relating the blues and the crowd was soaking it up. It was an intimate gathering, though we were mostly strangers, we knew what we enjoyed and this was it…
What a way to spend an evening in Copenhagen! It was great! I don’t recall the name of that little club, it really doesn’t matter anymore. That was a long time ago and far away, but it’s one of the fond memories of Denmark that I cherish.

Today it’s a different world….Oh, Tuborg is still being brewed in Denmark, but “Champion Jack Dupree” departed this life in 1991 though you can still listen to him on CDs. Denmark is different, it’s lost something. It’s somehow been perhaps too nice a place, a little too willing to accommodate, too willing to share its best.

I hate to bring up those cartoons again…you know the cartoons I’m referring too. I’ve written about them here before, more than once. The cartoons we’re speaking of are said to have caused riots in the Muslim world around the globe. The cartoons have insulted Islam by portraying Mohammad.

It turns out that there is a remarkable story behind all the outrage the world witnessed (mercifully, it seems to have finally subsided).

Did the idea of all those burned buildings, boycotts against Denmark, demands for apologies and death threats touch a raw nerve with you?

This story ends up being just one more step in the gradual surrendering of a nation…Perhaps it’s too late for Denmark, perhaps not…

There is a incredible article posted on “The Foundation for the Defense of Democracies” website written by J. Peter Pham & Michael I. Krauss. The title of the posting is “Descent into Dhimmitude”.

The article reveals some startling facts concerning Denmark’s attempts to placate its Islamic community. It has become all too plain that there will be no placation; there will be no getting along until non-Muslims no longer govern.

Here is an excerpt from the article “Descent into Dhimmitude

“In late 2004 -- a University of Copenhagen professor of Moroccan Jewish descent -- was kidnapped in broad daylight and brutally beaten by three Muslim youths for the "crime" of having read from the Quran during a lecture. A few months later, a Danish publisher used anonymous translators for an essay collection critical of Islam for fear that any named assistant would suffer a similar fate. And in an incident immediately preceding Jyllands-Posten's decision to run the cartoons as a test of self-censorship, Danish artists refused to illustrate a children's book about Muhammad.

These incidents, all disturbing, don't even scratch the surface of the appeasement Danes have made to accommodate the people who unleashed violence against them. In Copenhagen's public schools, the only food available to students -- regardless of their religious affiliation or lack thereof -- are Halal (prepared according to Islamic dietary requirements). In Denmark, a country which enjoys well-deserved praise for the courage with which citizens came together to save its small Jewish community during World War II, Danish Jewish students today cannot attend certain public schools because their very presence is viewed by administrators as "provocative" to radicalized Muslim peers. The country's only Jewish school, Copenhagen's 300-pupil Carolineskolen, founded in 1805, nowadays is constrained to operate behind a double ring of barbed wire.”

Here’s more

“Naser Khader, the Damascus-born son of a Palestinian father and Syrian mother who has served as a Danish parliamentarian from the Social Liberal Party since 1994, now lives under round-the-clock police protection because he committed the "crime" of giving his daughter a kafir ("infidel," read "Western") name. Compounding his "apostasy," he founded a moderate Muslim group with over 700 members, Democratic Muslims, after the outbreak of the "cartoon jihad" to campaign against Islamic establishmentarianism. Imam Ahmad Abu Laban -- the same character who instigated Middle Eastern anti-Danish riots with his portfolio of doctored cartoons -- then labeled Mr. Khader and his supporters "rats in a hole." One of the members of Khader's new group, Iranian refugee Kamran Tahmesabi, recently told a Belgian newspaper, "It is an irony that I am today living in a European democratic state and have to fight the same religious fanatics that I fled from in Iran many years ago."”

Rather disturbing reading isn’t it?

You can read the entire posting HERE

This should serve as a warning to others that believe there is a reward for accommodation to Islam. Peace cannot be attained through the surrender of freedoms. There will never be enough surrendering to satisfy those that desire absolute control.

Thanks to J. Peter Pham & Michael I. Krauss and The Foundation for the Defense of Democracies for their remarkable work…

God Bless America


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