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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Kid's Future will be a Blast!

In America most parents hold high hopes for their children’s future.

It’s not uncommon for parents to scrimp and save to establish a college fund for their off-spring. It’s an American tradition to help the children every way they can be helped.

Most parents want to be involved in the lives of their children. They guide and support them through the school years, offer advice on dating, you know, all the typical things loving and concerned parents do.

Contrast that with this Palestinian mothers hopes for her children….

An article posted on the Israel Insider website titled:

Palestinian mom regrets her daughter stuffed a huge bomb in her underwear” tells a twisted and chilling story. The article is based on an interview with the mother of a 21 year old female homicide bomber. The article was written by Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook.

It is very difficult to relate the cold hearted, compassionless mindset of these people. Hate appears to have totally consumed their passion for life and left in its wake a passion for death…even their own.

Read this excerpt;

The interview features the mother of Wafa Al-Bas, a 21-year-old Palestinian woman who was arrested at the Erez border crossing in June 2005 with a 20-pound bomb inside her underwear. Her target was the outpatient clinic of Soroka Hospital in Beersheba, where she had been receiving regular treatments for serious burns to 45 per cent of her body from a gas stove explosion in her home.

Her greatest wish, she said later, was to kill 30 to 50 Israelis, including children. The hospital attack would likely have killed or maimed the Israeli doctor who had saved her life.”


The mother says she knew that her daughter had wanted to be a martyr since she was a little girl, but the mother hadn't encouraged her - not because the mother opposed the idea of suicide bombing, but because Wafa was female.

"If it was a boy, I would have supported, but since she is a girl I discouraged.

To read the entire article and to view a video clip of the interview click HERE

It is difficult if not impossible to understand this from the perspective of a western civilization.. The only explanation this blogger can find is one in the spiritual dimension. The motivation must come from satanic forces, driving those poor souls to take joy in homicide and suicide…at the expense of their children..

Thanks to “Israel Insider” and Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook.

God Bless America


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