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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Stoned in India...

Compassion for orphaned children is rewarded by persecution in India…
Though difficult to comprehend in the natural realm, it can only be understood as a spiritual battle. Spiritual warfare is precisely what is taking place today in India.

A mob of Hindus attacked a wonderful work of God, a Christian orphanage in Tindole, Rajasthan, India. The orphanage, the Hopegiver Hope Home, was stoned and resulted in the death of an orphaned 8 to 10 year old boy.

The attacking mob wanted to covert the orphans from Christianity to Hinduism.

Hopegivers International manages the Christian orphanage. Hopegivers, operates over 90 Hope Home orphanages in India, nearly 200 schools, and 500 leprosariums.

The persecution of Christians is becoming common place in India.

Here is an excerpt of the account of the stoning of the orphanage;

“Bishop M.A. Thomas, founder of Hopegivers International, received the horrifying news via a phone call earlier today. He said the child killed was a boy between 8 and 10 years of age.

Bishop Thomas told ASSIST the attack began when the Hopegivers leaders in charge of the orphanage, the Reverends Mangilal and Gopal, were attacked by a mob wanting to force the Christian tribal Dalit residents (untouchables) to revert back to Hinduism.

According to the Bishop, about 100 abandoned children and orphans were in the Hope Home at the time of the attack. The two Hopegivers pastors and about 30 of the children escaped and took refuge in the homes of Christian believers in the area, while the orphanage containing the remaining 70 orphans remained under siege by the militants at the time of this writing.”

You can read the entire account of the stoning of the orphanage in Tindole HERE
The article was posted on the ASSIST News Service website. “MILITANT MOB STONES HOPEGIVER ORPHAN TO DEATH IN INDIA” it was written by John M. Lindner, Special to ASSIST News Service.

Thanks to John Lindner and the ASSIST News Service for their work.

For more information concerning Hopegiver International, it can be found at hopegivers.org Please take the time to read about this amazing, compassionate work of the Lord.

A big God bless you and a thank you to Hopegiver International.

To read more of the persecution of Christians in India, an article titled “Major Rise in Attacks Against Christians in India State, Survey shows” and written BosNewsLife News Center can be found HERE The article is posted on the Worthy News website.

We owe a debt of thanks as well to the BosNewsLife News Center and Worthy News…great work.

Update: The Stoning Continues...

Compass Direct


Despite having been warned 3 days prior to the school’s opening the police did nothing. The police knew of the danger and yet didn’t even warn the school’s staff or provide protection.

It appears as if the local government is quite willing to turn a blind eye to the Hindus violence.

Here’s an excerpt from the story:

“The school was built to provide education for tribal children.
Bishop Thomas Dabre, who officiated at the ceremony, described the attack. “Midway through the program, the mob disrupted us, initially by shouting slogans and arguing with some of the 200 people who were assembled. When they did not succeed in dispersing the people, they resorted to violence.”
The mob accused Catholic school staff of trying to convert their children by offering them education and chanted, “Leave! We don’t want Christians here!”
As the situation quickly deteriorated, Father Brendan Furtado, a guest at the ceremony, called for help by telephone. Even as he made the call, someone in the mob hit him repeatedly with a heavy stick on the back of his neck.”

You can read the entire article HERE

We owe Compass Direct a thank you for their coverage of the attack…excellent work, thanks.

Compass Direct is a wonderful source of information concerning the persecution of Christians around the world.

Christians are suffering persecution all around the globe
, they need your prayers and support. To learn more about them and ways you can help, please pay a visit to our friends at the Persecution Blog HERE

God Bless America


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