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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Islamic Weapons

All the world over it seems Islam is becoming less of a religion and more of a weapon… Everyday we read of some supposed offence against Islam.. Buildings burned, people beaten and murdered because some Muslims feel offended… No one likes to be ridiculed, most believe that their feelings and faith deserve respect. But what if one uses his claim of faith as a weapon, what if it’s used as a tool to punish? The story related in the article titled; “TWO CHURCHES TORCHED IN PAKISTAN” tells of yet another case of such abuse that is all too common..

The event is being played out again in Pakistan and someone is accused of abusing the Koran. There needs to be no truth to the charges of abuse. All that is needed is self-righteousness and the desire to punish those that one hates…

‘TWO CHURCHES TORCHED IN PAKISTAN” was written by Sheraz Khuram Khan, Special Correspondent for ASSIST News Service in Pakistan. The article was posted on the ASSIST News website.

Here is an excerpt;

“SUKKAR, PAKISTAN (ANS) -- Two churches were set to fire during demonstrations against the alleged desecration of Quran in Freek Hill locality of the city on Sunday, Feb 19.

The churches include Saviour’s Church and St. Mary’s Church. The charged demonstrators reportedly ransacked building of a school of the Christian community.”

And another excerpt;

“Reports say that one Irfan Gill accused his father-in-law Saleem Gill with whom he had a dispute over property of desecrating the Quran apparently to get him arrested on blasphemy charges.

Irfan reportedly told police on Sunday that Saleem Gill’s granddaughter Amna had been reciting Quran when Mr Gill, a Christian, snatched the holy book from her hands and disgraced it.”

In an unusual turn of events it appears that the accused will be vindicated…but false charges were enough to cause two churches to be set ablaze.

You can read the complete story HERE

Seems that all it takes for a Muslim to start a riot and get even is claim to be offended.. Perhaps it’s just another form of terrorism and intimidation to those not wishing to be Islamic………..

God Bless America


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