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Thursday, February 16, 2006

High Mileage Cartoons

I don’t suppose anyone is quite tired enough of the ridiculous “cartoon riots” yet…. But, that infantile “I’m offended” bit is wearing a little thin.. If Allah isn’t offended by homicide bombers blowing up innocent children, kidnappings of innocent people, raping of non-Muslim women by Muslims, cutting off the heads of innocent Christian school girls, I don’t think a few cartoons are going to do the job.

Here are some juvenile geniuses at work in Pakistan. Am I ever offended! Get this, they’re putting crosses on soccer balls! The idea is ship these soccer balls all over the world, so Muslims can kick the crosses and offend Christians.

The title of the article is “CARTOON ROW: IMAGE OF CROSS PRINTED ON FOOTBALL (SOCCER BALL) PATCHES IN PAKISTAN”. The article was written by Sheraz Khurram Khan and posted on the ASSIST News Service (ANS) website.

Here’s an excerpt;

“Pakistani Christians got the first taste of Muslim anger over publication of satirical cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad as Sialkot Football industry has deliberately printed image of holy cross on the patches of football in its bid to “avenge” the publication of the controversial sketches by European newspapers.

The printing of cross on the football patches has sparked outrage among Pakistani Christians across the country. In what appears to be a deliberate attempt to desecrate holy cross the industry plans to stitch the patches bearing printing of cross on scores of footballs, which would be later, sold in the national and international markets.”

You can read the entire article HERE

The Pakistani Christians are far too sensitive over the issue, ignoring the childishness of the Muslims would seem to accomplish more. However, the Muslims in Pakistan have a history of persecuting Christians and it’s probable that that factor is influencing the Christians reaction.

But as for me,

If I see just one Muslim kick one cross on one soccer ball, that will be enough. I’ll be pitching bricks and burning flags, torching a building or two, toasting a few cars and well, I’m not sure what else I’ll do..

I just know I’m offended at the thought..

Thanks to the Assist News Service..

But truly there is a serious problem and it must be dealt with concerning Muslim reaction to those cartoons… The free world cannot afford to give in to the intimidation and pressure it is now feeling..

Here is an article with some very interesting thoughts on the subject.

The article is titled “Satantic cartoons” it was written by Jahanshah Rashidian for the Iran Press Service.

An excerpt;

“If the international community doesn't stand up to Islamists, a culture of self-censorship of criticism of Islam that pervades now in Islamic countries will spread in other regions of the world, creating more problems for humanity. Furthermore, a policy of appeasement with the oppressive Islamic regimes means to ignore the fate of their oppressed people.”

Something to ponder….

Read the entire article HERE

Thanks to Jahanshah Rashidian and the Iran Press Service.

The Epoch Times posted another “worth reading” article on the subject of the cartoons as well.. Titled “EU Backs Danes in Cartoon Row, Pakistanis Enraged” Reuters gets the credit for this one.

Read it HERE..

God Bless America


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