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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Rollin' Eggs on the Lawn

So the cover was blown, the word got out…
The entire world now knows…

According to the Weekly Standard it seems gay-rights groups had a secret plan to invade the annual Easter Egg Roll on the White House lawn this year. The invaders were planning to be the first 1000 families on the White House lawn April 17th. The idea was to show-up in mass wearing t-shirts identifying themselves as LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender] families.

A couple of non-traditional family advocacy groups, Family Pride and Soulforce are promoting the event.

The entire Weekly Standard article “A Gay Easter?” written by Mark D. Tooley can be read HERE
Thanks to Mark Tooley and the Weekly Standard..Good Job!

This statement was found on the Soulforce website:

“Jeff Lutes, Soulforce's new executive director, says, "As fathers, my partner and I look forward to joining Family Pride and bringing our son to the White House lawn this Easter, resurrecting the national conversation about real people with real families. We hope our President will welcome the full diversity of American families."”

This statement was found on the Family Pride website:

“It's time to claim our place at the table.
Join hundreds of other LGBT families as we fill the White House Lawn at the annual Easter Egg Roll on April 17, 2006! There is no more powerful way to change the national discussion around our families and our rights than to introduce ourselves to our neighbors on a grand scale. Join us in making history, having fun and showing off our amazing families to the country!”

So, the idea is to transform what was an annual family event revolving around children rolling Easter eggs into a gay political self-promotion.

Over the years, wasn’t the idea of all the gay protests, parades and support groups a push to be accepted and tolerated? Wasn’t it all a movement to bring the non-traditional community (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) to a point where they just blended in?

It would seem that the ideal would be reached when no one would look twice at a gay couple, when eyebrows wouldn’t be raised, and no particular notice would be taken. That would seem to be the level of acceptance sought after, wouldn’t it?

Then why not bring your non-traditional family, not as a group, not advertising your difference, just as another American family enjoying the Easter event?

Certainly, America has not arrived at the ideal point, it’s likely it never will. But by storming Easter egg rolls, creating a spectacle, drawing attention to your differences, you’re not promoting acceptance.

America knows you’re here, we’re aware of you. The discussion that would be promoted probably wouldn't be helpful to your cause.

It’s likely you will foster resentment and move yourself further from your goals…

Easter egg rolls are not about gays, straights or in betweens. They’re about kids, eggs and having a good time.

Just a thought…

God Bless America


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