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Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Grilling of Judge Sam Alito

If anything at all confirms the fact that Judge Sam Alito is the right choice for the United States Supreme Court, it is this:

“ACLU Opposes Bush Nominee Judge Samuel A. Alito”

Despite the American Civil Liberties Union’s spinning of the truth, despite their smear campaign against Judge Alito, another nail is being driven into their coffin.

Not much more needs to be said to most main stream, thinking Americans. The word is getting out. If the ACLU supports it, it’s probably bad for Americans.

The radical liberal left is applying big pressure to their senatorial flunkies. As Teddy the lush, Chuckles Schumer, Pat Leahy and Company hammered away at Judge Alito ,they were out-smarted again. That’s not any great achievement though. The libs have only displayed their ignorance and blind partisanship to the world once again.

They may attempt the grandstand filibuster but it’s doubtful…

NewsMax.Com has an excellent article titled “Alito Appears Headed for Confirmation” that’s worth the time spent to read it.

You can read it HERE

The Age at TheAge.Com.Au tells the story of the Democrat’s attempt at torturing an American judge in an article titled: “Senate puts Bush nominee to the blowtorch”

It’s amazing, the liberals are being exposed for what they are all over the world.

Here’s a brief excerpt from that article:

“After the first day of the hearing, newspapers published charts showing that senators seemed to prefer the sound of their own voices to actually getting answers from the judge.
Only two senators allowed the judge to speak longer than their questions. The worst offender, Democrat Joe Biden, took more than 3000 words to ask five questions, while the judge used fewer than 1000 words to answer them.”

You can read the entire "The Age" article HERE

Indeed, it seems the Democrats sought TV exposure more than answers….

The Voice of America also posted an excellent article titled simply: “Alito Confirmation Hearings to Continue Friday” written by Deborah Tate.

You can read the Voice of America article HERE

If you’re interested in the American Civil Liberties take on Judge Alito, it can be read HERE

As was stated before “another nail is being driven into the ACLU’s coffin. The days of the activists judges appear to be numbered, that’s a wonderful thing for America, what a set-back for the radical liberal’s agenda..

God Bless America


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