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Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Promise of Good Things in 06

As 2005 draws to an end and 2006 is dawning, some interesting facts are emerging…

Remember the Kyoto Protocol?
President Bush flatly rejected it, the world howled! The American left howled! They pounced on George, much of the European leadership ridiculed him for his stance on the treaty. President Bush was blamed for hurricane Katrina, if only he'd signed that treaty. The criticism for the administration was harshest from the liberal left, relentless was their outcry….

Well, guess what? George Bush was right on Kyoto! It hurts them to admit it but they were wrong, George was right!

Forbes Magazine declared the Kyoto Protocol was a “fiasco”!

In an article posted at NewsMax.Com titled “Bush Was Right to Reject Kyoto 'Fiasco'” concerning the Forbes Magazine’s declaration, this was stated;

“George Bush suffered heavy international criticism for rejecting the Kyoto Protocol, but it now appears he was exactly right: The treaty is a "fiasco,” Forbes Magazine declares.

The treaty was negotiated in 1997 as a way to slow global warming, and formally took effect in February, without U.S. participation.
The Clinton administration agreed to the protocol, but the Senate refused to ratify it, in part because developing countries that were major polluters and trade competitors, particularly China and India, refused to participate in the Kyoto accord.
So right now "Kyoto is essentially a western European proposition,” Forbes reports.

But "China and India together send more tons of carbon into the atmosphere than all of western Europe combined, and the U.S. accounts for more than China and India together.”
Therefore it has become "painfully obvious that the treaty was a fiasco,” Dan Seligman writes in Forbes.”

To read the rest of the article it can be found HERE.

Thanks to Dan Seligman, Forbes Magazine and to NewsMax.

Now, Everything is far from rosy in the Middle East, peace is not at hand and lions are not close to lying down with the lambs…yet.

But, President George Bush has a plan. The plan is to birth democracy in the Middle East. Democracy has been given a chance in Iraq, the Iraqis have been given a taste of freedom…. Much to the chagrin and consternation of some of the neighborhood’s oppressive governments and dictators, the idea is spreading… Things are improving, significant change is taking place…

Freedom House, a well known human rights organization has found democracy is spreading…

Read this excerpt from an article posted on the Assyrian International News Agency website;

“As the political battle intensifies over President Bush's efforts to spread democracy to Iraq and the Middle East, an influential human rights organization, Freedom House, has found that the past year brought significant improvements in personal and political rights across the region.

Reports of increased freedom emerged from Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and the Palestinian territories, and observers attributed the results to the Bush administration's support of fledgling democracies worldwide.”

Here’s more;

“The findings of increased freedom in the Middle East came as President Bush has become more aggressive in defending his decision to go to war in Iraq. This week he gave a major speech and press conference refuting criticism that America's actions have harmed the region, framing the war as part of a larger program for spreading freedom to oppressed peoples in the Middle East and other tyrannical regimes around the globe.

That policy, Mr. Puddington said, was partly responsible for the surge of democratic behavior in the Middle East. "People in this part of the world want democracy. And whether they appreciate American policies or not, American policies have not set democracy back - and I think the evidence suggests that they have been one of many factors that have pushed it forward."

You can read the entire article titled “Democracy Is Spreading, Freedom House Finds” written By Meghan Clyne of the New York Sun HERE

It’s good news, isn’t it! Thank you Meghan Clyne and Assyrian International News Agency.. And thank you President Bush and company.

Then in the President’s New Years Eve radio address President Bush commented on economic condition of the nation;

Here’s a portion of an article concerning the President’s weekly address as posted on the “VOICE OF AMERICA” website

“Mr. Bush praised the growth of the U.S. economy over the past year, saying it is the envy of the world. He said the budget proposal recently passed in Congress will help the country stay on track to cut the deficit in half by 2009.
For 2006, Mr. Bush called for permanent tax relief, expansion of free trade, increased individual control over health and retirement care, and improvement in education and job training programs.”

Read the entire report HERE

Thanks to the Voice of America for their excellent work.

Everything is not perfect, one would be insane to say they were. But it’s good to give credit where it’s due…As President Bush’s poll numbers are on the rise, the economy is really doing well, America’s not suffered another terrorist attack at home since September 11, 2001. Freedom is on the move in the Middle East, just to name a few things. We can thank God we have a leader like George W. Bush, and we can thank President Bush for having the courage of his convictions. We can thank God for the privileged of living in America.

We can look ahead to 2006 with the bright hope of continued success in the spread of democracy, freedom and prosperity.

Happy New Year!!!

God Bless You and God Bless America


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