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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Communism Fails Again

For many people it seemed like a long time ago, that is of course unless you are a Vietnam War Vet. It was all brought back to mind in the ’04 presidential election. John Kerry painted himself as war hero, then as an anti-war hero. It was difficult to understand how John Kerry, Jane Fonda and others could support the Communists in the protest rallies and marches. We don’t need to rehash all of that again here.

Back in the “60’s” in America, we were taught in high school about the evils of Communism. We were taught Communism was a cruel system. The only way it could survive was by oppressing the people it ruled. Yet, the Kerrys and Fondas of the anti-war movement felt America was wrong to fight the spread of Communism. They worked against America.

Well, Communism was given the opportunity to prove its worth for several decades…. It is hard to argue with the truth…those that supported Communism were wrong, they were wrong then and they are wrong now. Communism is a failure..

The truth of what Communism is and how it really controls nations is revealed in a book titled “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party.” The book is available to be read from Epoch Times and can be found HERE. It’s a revelation of the evils of the Communist Party in China. This book has played a major role in upsetting the Chinese Communist Party. An estimated six million Chinese have left the Communist Party, due in a large part to the truth revealed in this book.

An extremely interesting article concerning Communism and it’s failure in Vietnam was posted on The Epoch Times.com website. The article was written by Laura Hutton of the Epoch Times Washington D.C. staff and titled “Vietnamese, Veteran Groups Hold Forum on Ending Communism in SE Asia”

Here’s an excerpt from the article;

“This forum introduced the first printing in Vietnamese of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party ---"the book that is disintegrating the Communist Party," according to the book jacket—and discussed the impact that this new perspective would have for Southeast Asia.”

Here’s more;

“"The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) has close connections with the world's most brutal revolutionary armed forces and despotic regimes. In addition to the Khmer Rouge, these include the communist parties in Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Burma, Laos, and Nepal—all of which were established under the support of the CCP. Many leaders in these communist parties are Chinese; some of them are still hiding in China to this day."

Bounthong said that, as the Nine Commentaries has brought over 6 million withdrawals from the Chinese Communist Party, the spread of the Nine Commentaries in Vietnamese will provide great support for those in Vietnam, Cambodia, and in his home country of Laos.”


“Speaking Vietnamese, with apologies for his pronunciation, Benge shared that in Vietnam there is a saying among the young people, which comprise a vast majority of the population, "When the old men die off, we'll have liberation [from communism]".”

I invite you to read the entire article for yourself, it can be found HERE
The world needs to know what a failure Communism is and has been. Those that support Communism support failure. There is no room for Communism among free people, it is an evil system and has proven itself evil time and time again.

The free world needs to encourage those that would throw off the chains of Communist bondage, no matter where they may be found.

Thanks to Epoch Times for their great work….

God bless America


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