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Monday, November 21, 2005

French ToastMoblies….

If you want to get around in France today you may find yourself on a bicycle or perhaps even hoofing it! There’s a fair chance that those young fun-loving Muslim hooligans toasted your automobile during the last few weeks of frivolity.. Those youngsters are just too funny!

Yeah, it was a riot until some poor Frenchmen had to walk to work (of course that doesn’t affect the rioters, they don’t have jobs). Some might have been able to catch a train to work (that could save shoe leather) but now the French railway workers are on strike! Read about it HERE

Certainly, the French have no one but themselves to blame for their dilemma. It’s only natural to spend one’s evening setting cars alight.
Almost everyone has toasted twenty or thirty cars during their youth, it’s a right of passage, isn’t it?

Seriously, what in the world is going on in that bastion of civilization called France? Is it possible that the torching of the cars was really the harbinger of more fiery days to come? Was it the lighting of the first fires of the final meltdown of France? Maybe just a little black cloud briefly passing over Paris?

Seems to me they were warning fires, fires sent to alarm the citizenry. Something akin to wake-up calls, something to get one’s attention….I think it worked…However, the head is conveniently close to the sand and it quickly buried itself again.. If we pretend hard enough, if we make enough excuses for them, maybe, just maybe it will all go away.

No, it will not go away, perhaps France will go away, but it will not go away. At least not without a bloody fight… Don Feder wrote a terrific article concerning the Muslim youth and the riots in France, it was posted on the Assyrian International News Agency website.

Don Feder titled his article “Excusing Les Rioters”, here’s an excerpt:

“In the past 50 years, the Muslim population of Western Europe has gone from less than 250,000 to upwards of 20 million (10 percent of France is Muslim). This is the result of a deadly troika -- demographic winter (European secularists have chosen extinction by childlessness), lax immigration policies and brain-dead multiculturalism. The Center for Security Policy warns that by 2050, Europe will lose one-third of its native population.

Enter the Muslims, whose high birthrates are subsidized by European welfarism. Some doubtless want to assimilate into their host societies. More want to live in Europe while identifying with a culture that's warred with the West for more than a millennium.
The Madrid train bombers (body count, 191), mentioned the loss of Grenada in 1492 among their grievances. Perhaps the immigrant youth of Stains are protesting the defeat of the Moorish army at Tours in 732 A.D.”

“In her insightful book The Rage And The Pride, journalist Oriana Fallaci wonders if Muslim immigration to Europe might be part of a grand design: "Something else, then, I don't understand: if they (Muslim immigrants) are as poor as their abettors and protectors claim, who gives them the money to come? Where do they find the five or ten thousand dollars per head that pay for the trip? Might it be that this money is supplied by some Osama bin Laden for the mere purpose of establishing the Reverse Crusade's settlements and better organizing Islamic terrorism?"

The article poses some thought provoking questions, questions the rest of Europe might do well to ask themselves…making excuses and accepting blame is not the answer. It won’t even buy time.

Take the time to read the entire article HERE.

Thanks to Don Feder and the folks at the Assyrian International News Agency, great job gang.

And thanks also goes out to the BBC News for their report on the French Railway strike.

God bless America


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