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Sunday, October 23, 2005


A Cry for Help!

The ASSIST News Service
(ANS) is reporting an urgent plea for help from Pastor Johan Bandi, Secretary of the Indonesian Churches in Perth, Australia. The call for help is to Christians and Christian Churches around the world.

The Christians in Indonesia are under attack by radical Islamic groups. Churches have been forced to close and some churches have been destroyed. Churches have been broken into in the middle of services. Pastors have been forced to stop preaching and have been intimidated into signing documents stating the building will no longer be used as a church.

All this activity is happening often while government officials and police officers stand by and do nothing. Sadly, though the federal government continues to make international statements that they do not agree with these church closures, local and state government officials continue to provide the decrees to close them.

What can you do about it?

Read the entire article as it is posted on the ASSIST News Service website HERE

Thanks to John M. Lindner, Special to ASSIST News Service for writing the article and thanks to ASSIST News Service for their dedication to the Persecuted Church.

You can learn more about the Persecuted Church throughout the world and what you can do to help.

Please take the time to visit the Voice of the Martyr website HERE and also click on over to the Persecution Blog HERE

Also, please help spread the Word that November 13th is the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church.

Please PRAY for the Persecuted Church

God bless You


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