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Sunday, October 02, 2005


It’s been a week now since the big anti-war protest rally in DC. Cindy Sheehan and the usual suspects were all there. Codepink, Jesse Jackson and other professional protestors were all taking their turn at the microphone and mugging for the obliging media cameras.

Hardly a soul missed hearing about this event, it was plastered all over the television radio and print media, as I’m sure you’re more than aware.

In America, protest marches and rallies are not an everyday thing but they are certainly not unheard of either. The organizers of last week’s protest march and rally bill the event as an anti-war protest. “Anti-war” is an inaccurate definition of what was being protested. The truth of the matter is closer to an anti-American or at least an anti-Bush protest, perhaps it’s an anti-American military protest.

If Cindy Sheehan were truly anti-war, shouldn’t she be protesting in Iraq? The ones that took her son’s life were insurgent terrorists fighting the Coalition Forces in Iraq. Her focus needs to be on the terrorists, they that won’t permit peace.

I doubt that Codepink, Michael Moore, Martin Sheen or Cindy will be making the trip to Bali soon. The terrorists attacked there this weekend killing some 26 innocent people as they fight their war of terror. It’s not likely any of the above protestors will even condemn those attacks. If their cause were truly anti-war, they would be organizing protests wherever the radical Islamic terrorists attack and kill.

Because it is so obviously not anti-war, Cindy and her radical left backers have no credibility with anyone but themselves. It does serve to encourage the terrorists. It gives them false indications that America does not have the will to fight the war we can’t afford to lose.

This is America, you’re allowed to disagree with the President, you can even hold protest marches and rallies.. Just be honest about the motives, it’s not about hating war, it’s about politics.

No one is fooled by it!

Update: 10/9/05 “Peace is not the answer”

Excellent article posted on the LATimes.com website written by William Shawcross.

An excerpt:

“IT SEEMS UNLIKELY that many of the so-called peace marchers who trooped through Washington and London two weekends back listened on Thursday — at least not with an open mind or sympathy — to George Bush's cogent explanation of why coalition troops are fighting and dying in Iraq.

You did not see in those demonstrations, after all, many banners reading, "Support Iraq's New Constitution," "No to Jihad" or "Stop Suicide Bombers." The crimes committed daily against the Iraqi people by other Arabs who wish to re-enslave them seem to be of little interest to Michael Moore, Jane Fonda and their followers. Rage against the daily assaults on children, women, anyone, by Islamo-fascists and ordinary national fascists is not fashionable. Only alleged American crimes are cool to decry.

It's hard to think of a more graphic illustration of the horror the U.S.-led coalition is fighting in Iraq than the mass murder on Sept. 26, in which terrorists disguised as policemen (a New York Times headline called these butchers "fighters") burst into a primary school in Iskandaria, south of Baghdad, seized five teachers (all Shiites) and shot them dead. Children stood weeping through this atrocity.

Why do crimes like this make so little impression on those Americans and Europeans who want the coalition to abandon Iraq? The demonstrators think of themselves as moral, but it is hard to think of any policy more amoral than abandoning Iraq to such an enemy.”

Read the entire article Here

God bless America


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