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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Stop taxpayer funding of the ACLU

How do you like paying for lawsuits against the Boy Scouts? Do you mind paying for lawsuits against local school systems?

I know many Americans that are about fed up with all the game playing and walking on eggs. Our local school systems have enough to concern themselves with in the educating of our children. The Boy Scouts should be concerned with problems like “Do we have enough canoes?” and “ Who knows how to fold the American flag?”

They should never have to be concerned with the American Civil Liberties Union’s lawsuits….Silly lawsuits, expensive lawsuits, lawsuits that in most cases are anti-Christian and anti-American.
Lawsuits that rob the American Taxpayer!

Do you know what would greatly reduce the number of those types of lawsuits? Simply remove the financial awards from these cases and suddenly the ACLU will lose interest.

Here’s you chance to have your voice heard!

There’s a petition you can sign that requests that our lawmakers change the law “42 USC 1988(b)”. Take the taxpayers (your) money out of the financial settlements awarded to the ACLU by the courts.

Here’s the petition;

Stop taxpayer funding of the ACLU

“WHEREAS, the American Civil Liberties Union (the ACLU) has shown itself to be hostile to religious expression by private citizens and the civil rights of people of faith; and

WHEREAS, the ACLU has declared war on the Boy Scouts of America, the military of the United States, Christmas displays, public buildings that display the Ten Commandments, and many other American traditions; and

WHEREAS, the United States Congress, roughly thirty years ago, passed a provision in United States Code section 1988 that requires taxpayers to pay attorneys in civil rights cases; and

WHEREAS, the ACLU has abused that law to make untold millions of dollars simply by suing boy scouts, school children, military academies, cities and towns, with the goal of punishing any who dare to exercise their First Amendment right to religious freedom and expression; and

WHEREAS, the vast majority of taxpayers do not want to be forced to pay the ACLU to sue their neighbors and friends in the ACLU's efforts to strip America of all signs of faith; and

WHEREAS, the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment was not contemplated when USC section 1988 was passed;

THEREFORE, the People of the United States call upon their Congress to amend USC section 1988 so that hostile special interest groups such as the ACLU can no longer be granted taxpayer money to attack Americans and their institutions.

We, The People, call upon our elected representatives to amend USC section 1988 so that fees are not awarded to the ACLU or any other plaintiff in Establishment Clause cases. We wish for the Free Expression Clause to implicate at least the same financial incentives as attacks upon faith currently have.”

You can learn more about the petition at CourtZero.org.

Just follow this link CourtZero.org

Please take the time to sign the petition while you’re there..
This is your chance to be heard!!!

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God bless America


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