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Monday, September 12, 2005


I have been criticized and told I was paranoid, been told I was too fearful. Comments have been left at Fundamentally Right suggesting all is fine in Europe. That’s not the way I see it, it’s not what others are reporting either, Europe has received her wake-up call.

Radical Islam has taken root in Europe and it has the odor of death about it. The idiocy of terrorism is being nurtured and terrorists are being recruited throughout the Continent and Great Britain.

Here are a couple of excellent articles telling the sad and frightening story of the insanity called terrorism. They tell how the recruiting is being done and how little is being done to halt it.

Read this article by Doug Sanders, posted at the Globe and Mail.com, it’s titled “Radical Islam sows its seed in Europe's fertile soil”

“PARIS -- At a pleasant café in this downtrodden corner of Paris, Mahor Chiche interrupts the conversation to point to a bald, bearded, tunic-wearing teenager passing on the sidewalk. "Look," he says, "there's a Moussaoui."

The 30-year-old law student was born to Tunisian parents in this tough neighbourhood, and he knows the particularities of its dress code. Such young men, he explains, model their appearance after Zacarias Moussaoui, the immigrant to France who was charged with being the would-be 20th hijacker in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

Mr. Moussaoui, to a surprising number of young French men here in the 19th district of Paris, is a role model.”

Read the rest of the story HERE

Thanks to Doug Sanders and the Globe and Mail for their great effort.

Take the time to read this opinion piece written by Ronen Bodoni for Ynet News.com. The posting is entitled “Europe still napping”

Here’s an excerpt;

“Nobody wants to predict or even consider the possibility of mass slaughter on the streets of Europe, but there too people will be admitting at one point or another the writing was on the wall.

Like the Americans name their storms, the Europeans too can mark names on the map: Casablanca, May 2003 (41 killed in attacks on Jewish targets); Istanbul, November 2003 (about 60 killed in attacks on synagogues and British institutions); Madrid, March 2004 (about 200 killed in train blasts); and London, July 2005 (about 50 killed in attacks on the public transportation system and another attempted attack that failed.)

Terror continues to threaten Europe like a raging hurricane. Everyone knows the next strike is merely a matter of time, but the Europeans prepare at their own pace. Four years after the September 11 attacks, Europeans invest the utmost efforts in discussing, or is it debating, what can be done to fight terrorism.

They introduce initiatives, establish bodies, commission reports and gather in palaces to sign conventions, while devouring hors d’ouvre and sipping wine. In practice, there is almost no problem purchasing industrialized explosives in the Polish black market, for example, loading up the car, and with no interruptions heading right into the crowded square at the foot of the Tower of Pisa.

Europeans find it easy to agree on cooperation, but implementing the agreements is a more complex task. Sometimes it takes years. Other times, it just doesn’t happen.”

Read the rest of this enlightening post Here

Thanks to Ronen and Ynet News.com, good work!

You formulate your own opinion. Is it time for Europe to toss back the covers, plant their feet on the floor and get moving? Or perhaps, it’s a bad dream, just hit the snooze alarm and roll back over?

God bless America


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