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Monday, September 05, 2005

Heads-Up Australia

If you happen to live in Australia, another “heads-up” was just signaled to you. Here’s hoping you’re staying on top of this situation…

It seems a relatively new political party has big ideas about changing the way Australians live, it’s not for the better.

The “Best Party of Allah” has applied for registration in the Australian Capital Territory. The leader of the Best Party of Allah says all Australians should be living under Islamic law dictated by the Koran…

Kurt Kennedy founder of the party, said the party wanted to "implement the laws as stated in the Koran". These people want to impose sharia law upon Australia.

To read the entire article titled “Muslim party seeks Islamic law for Australians” by Patricia Karvela, Read it HERE as it was posted on The Australian.

If there’s any question in your mind about the desirability of living (and I use the word “living” loosely) under sharia law, let me point you to a couple of prime examples.

The first is an article concerning an aspect of sharia law called honor killing. You can read about this less than humane event in an article entitled "MUSLIM RAGE" TARGETS TAIBA CHRISTIANS
Houses burned following Islamic Honor Killing”

The story was posted on the “International Christian Embassy Jerusalem” website. HERE

Here’s the post:

At least 14 houses belonging to residents of the Arab Christian town of Taiba northeast of Ramallah, were torched by Muslims from neighboring Deir Jarir on Sunday, to avenge what they termed the dishonor of a Muslim woman.

"The young men, who were holding Molotov cocktails, threw them at the houses, which began to go up in flames, one after another," said Taiba resident Buthaina Sha'aban, according to Ha'aretz.

"They vandalized parked cars and beat village residents who went out into the streets. Entire families were thrown into the street after their homes were torched. Not much remains of their property. We urge all international, Israeli, and Palestinian actors to intervene and protect village residents from the Muslim rage."

A security sources said the rampage was triggered by an incident last week in which a 30-year-old woman was made to drink poison by her relatives because they suspected her of carrying on a romance with a Christian man from the village - thought by scholars to be the city of Ephraim to which Jesus and his disciples went in John chapter 11.

The woman was quickly buried, but last Tuesday, the Palestinian Authority police exhumed the body for an autopsy angering relatives. So-called Muslim 'honor killings' are common throughout the Middle East but attract only minimal sentences due to their widespread cultural acceptance as an integral part of Islamic 'Sharia' law.”

That’s certainly food for thought, isn’t it? Perhaps Kurt Kennedy and his Best Party of Allah need to hear you say NO thank you!

Lest you still have doubts, read about a Hindu couple that have been set-up. They may loose their lives simply because they have been accused of “abusing” the Koran. A little more sharia law in action.

This story was posted on the website of the “ASSIST News Service.”


Here’s an excerpt:

“A Hindu couple has been arrested by Police in Pakistan's North West Frontier Province for allegedly desecrating the Muslim‘s holy book, the Koran, by throwing it into the fields near their home on September 2, 2005.

According to the All Pakistan Minorities Alliance (APMA), the incident occurred in Gandaf village in the Swabi district, some 150 km from Peshawar the provincial capital, when a Muslim man named Saeedullah found the copy of the Koran in the agricultural fields. He told the village council he suspected Chaman Lal and his wife Krishna

An e-mail report from APMA says a stick-wielding mob chanting anti-Hindu slogans gathered outside Lal's home and finding that the couple and other members of the family were not there, they attacked the house and almost destroyed it.

"The angry mob demanded that the couple be handed over to them; the mob blocked the road leading to the village for a couple of hours.”

You can read the rest of the story HERE

Thanks go out to The Australian, the ASSIST News Service and International Christian Embassy Jerusalem for their excellent work.

So, there’s the “heads-up” Australia! Don’t feel alone though, Islam has made it their goal to place the entire world under Muslim rule…It’s time we all said “no thanks” in whatever language it takes for them to get the message.

God bless America and Australia


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