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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Crazy for Christ?

If you convert from Communism to Christianity, are you out of your mind? Using a page out of the old communist playbook, from the chapter on “perceived threats and thought control”, the Vietnamese government would like you to believe it.

A mental hospital committee comprised of Marxists declared Than Van Truong insane for believing in God.

It all began when Truong became a Christian after serving as an officer in the Vietnamese People’s Army. He then became involved as a worker for the house church organization of Vietnam’s Baptist General Conference.

That’s when the trouble began, of course the government of Vietnam claims that they have never incarcerated anyone for religious reasons.
Van Truong was released from the mental hospital recently, he would tell you a different story of religious persecution in Vietnam.

I invite you to read Than Van Truong’s real story of persecution for his faith in Jesus Christ. You can read it HERE as written by Michael F. Haverluck and posted on Persecution.com

His is just one of countless stories of the persecution of Christians.

Remember Rev. Van Truong and his family in your prayers, remember those around the world that are suffering for the cause of Christ.

We at Fundamentally Right support the great work of the Voice of the Martyrs. We hope to bring further awareness to the plight of the Persecuted Church.

You can learn more about the “Voice of the Martyrs” by visiting their website Here. Also, visit the Persecutionblog.com Here to learn how you can help.

God bless America


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