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Monday, September 26, 2005

"All we are saying is give peace a...."

Wow!! Peace marches, anti-war protest demonstrations…people getting arrested. Does it give you goose bumps? It’s like the good old days of VW Microbuses, long hair, love beads and glassy eyes.

Somebody hand me a bullhorn and a folding chair, I want to make a speech!

It’s back, with all the circus-like atmosphere, you can almost smell the draft cards burning…

You’ve got to know John Kerry’s black little heart is leaping in his chest… “All we are saying is give peace a”….stuff a sock in it, put a lid on it, just can it John. It’s going nowhere, America’s not buying it..

But I have to admit, it brings back memories.

What we remember too Hanoi John Kerry, is your promise to make your military records public.. You promised to sign the Standard Release Form 180. It’s said that you signed it, good boy!

Now make all the records public John, America deserves to know the truth.. Just do it! Like a mill stone around your neck John, it’s too big to ignore and it will always hold you down..

Release the records, America deserves it, your party deserves it, they need to know what you’re hiding.

Oh, and by the way, Iraq is not Vietnam, no matter what your friends say…no matter how much you would like it to be, not even for the sake of “old times”.

In an excellent article written by Mac Johnson of Human Events Online and posted on the website of the Assyrian International News Agency, Mac will explain it to you.

The article is titled : “Why Iraq is Not Like Vietnam: A Primer for the Geopolitically Challenged” Take the time to read it and learn..

Here’s an excerpt;

“One of the many negative consequences of America's defeat in The Vietnam War has been the uncontrolled proliferation of Vietnams since then.

Nicaragua threatened to become another Vietnam. Lebanon nearly became another Vietnam. Had Grenada been only slightly larger than a manhole cover and lasted one more hour, it would have become a Caribbean-Style Vietnam. The invasion of Panama was rapidly degenerating into a Narco-Vietnam, right up until we won. Likewise, the First Gulf War was certainly developing into another Vietnam, but then sadly, it ended quickly and with few casualties.

For people of a certain age or political stripe, Vietnam is like Elvis: it's everywhere. For example, during a long wait at a Chinese Buffet in Georgetown in 1987, Ted Kennedy was reported to have exclaimed "QUAGMIRE!" and attempted to surrender to a Spanish-speaking busboy.

And that was probably the smart thing to do, because the lesson of Vietnam is: it is best to lose quickly, so as to avoid a quagmire. It could be argued that the real lesson of Vietnam is that it badly damages a country's reputation and character to lose at all. But that is not at all supported by the evidence. Nope, Vietnam taught us that winners know when to lose immediately. Entire wars have been fought by countries that have failed to realize this.

No country was therefore more prepared to fight a long unconventional war against grimy little terrorists in strange distant places than America, who learned how to lose in Vietnam.

Thus, it is with considerable joy that those who are ready to teach the lesson of Vietnam (LOSE NOW BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!), find that they finally have another war that has lasted longer than John Kerry's first position on it. Obviously, they crow, we have stepped into some deep Vietnam in Iraq.”

Read the rest of this enlightening article Here.

Thanks again to Mac Johnson and the Assyrian International News Agency, good job!

God bless America


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