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Monday, September 26, 2005

"All we are saying is give peace a...."

Wow!! Peace marches, anti-war protest demonstrations…people getting arrested. Does it give you goose bumps? It’s like the good old days of VW Microbuses, long hair, love beads and glassy eyes.

Somebody hand me a bullhorn and a folding chair, I want to make a speech!

It’s back, with all the circus-like atmosphere, you can almost smell the draft cards burning…

You’ve got to know John Kerry’s black little heart is leaping in his chest… “All we are saying is give peace a”….stuff a sock in it, put a lid on it, just can it John. It’s going nowhere, America’s not buying it..

But I have to admit, it brings back memories.

What we remember too Hanoi John Kerry, is your promise to make your military records public.. You promised to sign the Standard Release Form 180. It’s said that you signed it, good boy!

Now make all the records public John, America deserves to know the truth.. Just do it! Like a mill stone around your neck John, it’s too big to ignore and it will always hold you down..

Release the records, America deserves it, your party deserves it, they need to know what you’re hiding.

Oh, and by the way, Iraq is not Vietnam, no matter what your friends say…no matter how much you would like it to be, not even for the sake of “old times”.

In an excellent article written by Mac Johnson of Human Events Online and posted on the website of the Assyrian International News Agency, Mac will explain it to you.

The article is titled : “Why Iraq is Not Like Vietnam: A Primer for the Geopolitically Challenged” Take the time to read it and learn..

Here’s an excerpt;

“One of the many negative consequences of America's defeat in The Vietnam War has been the uncontrolled proliferation of Vietnams since then.

Nicaragua threatened to become another Vietnam. Lebanon nearly became another Vietnam. Had Grenada been only slightly larger than a manhole cover and lasted one more hour, it would have become a Caribbean-Style Vietnam. The invasion of Panama was rapidly degenerating into a Narco-Vietnam, right up until we won. Likewise, the First Gulf War was certainly developing into another Vietnam, but then sadly, it ended quickly and with few casualties.

For people of a certain age or political stripe, Vietnam is like Elvis: it's everywhere. For example, during a long wait at a Chinese Buffet in Georgetown in 1987, Ted Kennedy was reported to have exclaimed "QUAGMIRE!" and attempted to surrender to a Spanish-speaking busboy.

And that was probably the smart thing to do, because the lesson of Vietnam is: it is best to lose quickly, so as to avoid a quagmire. It could be argued that the real lesson of Vietnam is that it badly damages a country's reputation and character to lose at all. But that is not at all supported by the evidence. Nope, Vietnam taught us that winners know when to lose immediately. Entire wars have been fought by countries that have failed to realize this.

No country was therefore more prepared to fight a long unconventional war against grimy little terrorists in strange distant places than America, who learned how to lose in Vietnam.

Thus, it is with considerable joy that those who are ready to teach the lesson of Vietnam (LOSE NOW BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!), find that they finally have another war that has lasted longer than John Kerry's first position on it. Obviously, they crow, we have stepped into some deep Vietnam in Iraq.”

Read the rest of this enlightening article Here.

Thanks again to Mac Johnson and the Assyrian International News Agency, good job!

God bless America


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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Crazy for Christ?

If you convert from Communism to Christianity, are you out of your mind? Using a page out of the old communist playbook, from the chapter on “perceived threats and thought control”, the Vietnamese government would like you to believe it.

A mental hospital committee comprised of Marxists declared Than Van Truong insane for believing in God.

It all began when Truong became a Christian after serving as an officer in the Vietnamese People’s Army. He then became involved as a worker for the house church organization of Vietnam’s Baptist General Conference.

That’s when the trouble began, of course the government of Vietnam claims that they have never incarcerated anyone for religious reasons.
Van Truong was released from the mental hospital recently, he would tell you a different story of religious persecution in Vietnam.

I invite you to read Than Van Truong’s real story of persecution for his faith in Jesus Christ. You can read it HERE as written by Michael F. Haverluck and posted on Persecution.com

His is just one of countless stories of the persecution of Christians.

Remember Rev. Van Truong and his family in your prayers, remember those around the world that are suffering for the cause of Christ.

We at Fundamentally Right support the great work of the Voice of the Martyrs. We hope to bring further awareness to the plight of the Persecuted Church.

You can learn more about the “Voice of the Martyrs” by visiting their website Here. Also, visit the Persecutionblog.com Here to learn how you can help.

God bless America


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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Stop taxpayer funding of the ACLU

How do you like paying for lawsuits against the Boy Scouts? Do you mind paying for lawsuits against local school systems?

I know many Americans that are about fed up with all the game playing and walking on eggs. Our local school systems have enough to concern themselves with in the educating of our children. The Boy Scouts should be concerned with problems like “Do we have enough canoes?” and “ Who knows how to fold the American flag?”

They should never have to be concerned with the American Civil Liberties Union’s lawsuits….Silly lawsuits, expensive lawsuits, lawsuits that in most cases are anti-Christian and anti-American.
Lawsuits that rob the American Taxpayer!

Do you know what would greatly reduce the number of those types of lawsuits? Simply remove the financial awards from these cases and suddenly the ACLU will lose interest.

Here’s you chance to have your voice heard!

There’s a petition you can sign that requests that our lawmakers change the law “42 USC 1988(b)”. Take the taxpayers (your) money out of the financial settlements awarded to the ACLU by the courts.

Here’s the petition;

Stop taxpayer funding of the ACLU

“WHEREAS, the American Civil Liberties Union (the ACLU) has shown itself to be hostile to religious expression by private citizens and the civil rights of people of faith; and

WHEREAS, the ACLU has declared war on the Boy Scouts of America, the military of the United States, Christmas displays, public buildings that display the Ten Commandments, and many other American traditions; and

WHEREAS, the United States Congress, roughly thirty years ago, passed a provision in United States Code section 1988 that requires taxpayers to pay attorneys in civil rights cases; and

WHEREAS, the ACLU has abused that law to make untold millions of dollars simply by suing boy scouts, school children, military academies, cities and towns, with the goal of punishing any who dare to exercise their First Amendment right to religious freedom and expression; and

WHEREAS, the vast majority of taxpayers do not want to be forced to pay the ACLU to sue their neighbors and friends in the ACLU's efforts to strip America of all signs of faith; and

WHEREAS, the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment was not contemplated when USC section 1988 was passed;

THEREFORE, the People of the United States call upon their Congress to amend USC section 1988 so that hostile special interest groups such as the ACLU can no longer be granted taxpayer money to attack Americans and their institutions.

We, The People, call upon our elected representatives to amend USC section 1988 so that fees are not awarded to the ACLU or any other plaintiff in Establishment Clause cases. We wish for the Free Expression Clause to implicate at least the same financial incentives as attacks upon faith currently have.”

You can learn more about the petition at CourtZero.org.

Just follow this link CourtZero.org

Please take the time to sign the petition while you’re there..
This is your chance to be heard!!!

This is a BlogBurst of “Stop the ACLU” visit them HERE

On the right side of this blog you will find the blog roll of the “Stop the ACLU” You will also find a link where you can make a donation to help support the good work of the “Stop the ACLU”

God bless America


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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Castro's Crackdown on Christians

Fidel Castro, Cuba’s great liberator is again displaying for the world more of the benefits of Communism. Is it any wonder so many are flocking to share in the blessings of Fidel’s revolution?

Cuba may be a paradise for communists, but for Christians it’s a bit less.

Seems communists have an aversion to Christianity, there’s something about Christians they just can’t accept.

Although Christians are typically among the hardest working, most dependable and honest people, the communist can’t leave them alone. There’s just something about the Christian belief system that spooks the communists. Not only in Cuba is this the case, but nearly everywhere the communists have taken power the Christians suffer.

An article published on the Forum 18.org website describes the crackdown on Christian “house churches” that is about to take place in Cuba.

The detailed article written by Lena Lopez, of Christian Solidarity Worldwide, titled “CUBA: Draconian new restrictions on "home religious meetings" tells the story very well.

Here’s an excerpt;

Protestant house church leaders fear that sweeping new regulations restricting religious meetings in private homes, adopted in April 2005 but which are due to be implemented this month, could severely curtail their ability to meet for worship. Services that have not been authorized are banned, while those organizing approved services must submit the names of and signed approval from all owners of the house, days and times when services are held and the number of worshippers. The full name and place of residence of the pastor and details on their theological education must be given. No more than one church of any one denomination can exist within two kilometers (1.25 miles) of each other. Foreigners cannot attend house churches in mountainous areas, and require specific permission to attend churches elsewhere. Violations will lead to the church being closed and both the leader and the foreigner being fined 1,000 US dollars.

Here’s more;

Protestant leaders fear that the house church movement will bear the brunt of its impact. While the practical implications of the directive will only become clear over time, house church leaders fear that this heralds a new and more antagonistic chapter in their relations with Fidel Castro's government.

Protestant pastors estimate that between 10,000 and 15,000 house churches currently operate across the country. Most are satellite congregations of churches that existed prior to the 1959 Revolution and belong to well-established denominations with a historic presence in Cuba. Most of these house churches have somewhere between 30 and 200 members who regularly attend services.

Also this;

Even once a house church receives authorization it will still be subject to a number of restrictions, including the prohibition of any flags or signs on the exterior of the building that would identify it as a house church. As with many areas in Cuba, some discrepancies appear to exist between regulations for house churches in the capital Havana and for house churches in the provinces. Havana house churches report that they will be allowed to meet three times weekly from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm on working days and from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm on non-working days, while some provincial house churches report that they have been told they will only be allowed to meet twice weekly from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm. One provincial house church pastor complains that this will effectively prohibit them from holding Sunday School classes.

Additionally, Havana churches have been told they will have to seek neighbours' permission if they wish to use electronic sound equipment including microphones and cassette or CD players, which is problematic enough (most churches count among their neighbors "Committees for the Defense of the Revolution" - a sort of neighborhood watch program that employs government informers across the country). By contrast, provincial pastors have been told that such sound systems will be banned altogether, regardless of how many members attend the services. "Imagine the difficulty," observes another provincial pastor, "of preaching to a group of 50 or 100 without a microphone."”

You can read the entire article HERE

One has to wonder where Fidel comes up with the time and the money to harass the Cuban Christians. The article never really addresses the question “why are the communists doing this?”

It does remind one of the anti-Christian bent of that communist founded organization the American Civil Liberties Union. The ACLU doesn’t have the ability to exercise the control Fidel and friends wield in Cuba, but given the opportunity …….

Please take the time to pray for those Christians living under communist rule in Cuba.

God bless America


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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

"one nation under God"

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag
of the United States of America
and to the Republic for which it stands,
one nation under God, indivisible,
with liberty and justice for all.”

It’s a good thing for every American to recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag occasionally…

It’s a good thing for every American school student to recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag everyday in school.

Students have recited the above pledge since 1954 without harm.

And now;

Judge Lawrence Karlton writes.

"The court concludes that it is bound by the Ninth Circuit's previous determination that the school district's policy with regard to the pledge is an unconstitutional violation of the children's right to be free from a coercive requirement to affirm God," Judge Lawrence Karlton wrote.

Judge, let me affirm God right here and now for you….of course you know that your ridiculous ruling won’t survive appeal.

The great tragedy, is the financial cost, the taxpayer’s money wasted, and precious court time squandered. Others now will now spend time and money to over turn your idiotic ruling.

The ACLU is not directly involved in this travesty. But, we know they enjoy pulling, snagging and tearing the fabric of our great nation. Certainly, they will salute you Judge Karlton.

I have these words for you, “Stop the ACLU” and activist judges such as yourself.

Americans wanting to get involved in eliminating this clearly un-American organization, the ACLU, Click HERE

You can also donate to the cause, look in the right column of this blog. You’ll also find a nice blogroll of friends that are actively working to “Stop the ACLU,” join them if you will.

God bless America


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Monday, September 12, 2005


I have been criticized and told I was paranoid, been told I was too fearful. Comments have been left at Fundamentally Right suggesting all is fine in Europe. That’s not the way I see it, it’s not what others are reporting either, Europe has received her wake-up call.

Radical Islam has taken root in Europe and it has the odor of death about it. The idiocy of terrorism is being nurtured and terrorists are being recruited throughout the Continent and Great Britain.

Here are a couple of excellent articles telling the sad and frightening story of the insanity called terrorism. They tell how the recruiting is being done and how little is being done to halt it.

Read this article by Doug Sanders, posted at the Globe and Mail.com, it’s titled “Radical Islam sows its seed in Europe's fertile soil”

“PARIS -- At a pleasant café in this downtrodden corner of Paris, Mahor Chiche interrupts the conversation to point to a bald, bearded, tunic-wearing teenager passing on the sidewalk. "Look," he says, "there's a Moussaoui."

The 30-year-old law student was born to Tunisian parents in this tough neighbourhood, and he knows the particularities of its dress code. Such young men, he explains, model their appearance after Zacarias Moussaoui, the immigrant to France who was charged with being the would-be 20th hijacker in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

Mr. Moussaoui, to a surprising number of young French men here in the 19th district of Paris, is a role model.”

Read the rest of the story HERE

Thanks to Doug Sanders and the Globe and Mail for their great effort.

Take the time to read this opinion piece written by Ronen Bodoni for Ynet News.com. The posting is entitled “Europe still napping”

Here’s an excerpt;

“Nobody wants to predict or even consider the possibility of mass slaughter on the streets of Europe, but there too people will be admitting at one point or another the writing was on the wall.

Like the Americans name their storms, the Europeans too can mark names on the map: Casablanca, May 2003 (41 killed in attacks on Jewish targets); Istanbul, November 2003 (about 60 killed in attacks on synagogues and British institutions); Madrid, March 2004 (about 200 killed in train blasts); and London, July 2005 (about 50 killed in attacks on the public transportation system and another attempted attack that failed.)

Terror continues to threaten Europe like a raging hurricane. Everyone knows the next strike is merely a matter of time, but the Europeans prepare at their own pace. Four years after the September 11 attacks, Europeans invest the utmost efforts in discussing, or is it debating, what can be done to fight terrorism.

They introduce initiatives, establish bodies, commission reports and gather in palaces to sign conventions, while devouring hors d’ouvre and sipping wine. In practice, there is almost no problem purchasing industrialized explosives in the Polish black market, for example, loading up the car, and with no interruptions heading right into the crowded square at the foot of the Tower of Pisa.

Europeans find it easy to agree on cooperation, but implementing the agreements is a more complex task. Sometimes it takes years. Other times, it just doesn’t happen.”

Read the rest of this enlightening post Here

Thanks to Ronen and Ynet News.com, good work!

You formulate your own opinion. Is it time for Europe to toss back the covers, plant their feet on the floor and get moving? Or perhaps, it’s a bad dream, just hit the snooze alarm and roll back over?

God bless America


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Monday, September 05, 2005

Heads-Up Australia

If you happen to live in Australia, another “heads-up” was just signaled to you. Here’s hoping you’re staying on top of this situation…

It seems a relatively new political party has big ideas about changing the way Australians live, it’s not for the better.

The “Best Party of Allah” has applied for registration in the Australian Capital Territory. The leader of the Best Party of Allah says all Australians should be living under Islamic law dictated by the Koran…

Kurt Kennedy founder of the party, said the party wanted to "implement the laws as stated in the Koran". These people want to impose sharia law upon Australia.

To read the entire article titled “Muslim party seeks Islamic law for Australians” by Patricia Karvela, Read it HERE as it was posted on The Australian.

If there’s any question in your mind about the desirability of living (and I use the word “living” loosely) under sharia law, let me point you to a couple of prime examples.

The first is an article concerning an aspect of sharia law called honor killing. You can read about this less than humane event in an article entitled "MUSLIM RAGE" TARGETS TAIBA CHRISTIANS
Houses burned following Islamic Honor Killing”

The story was posted on the “International Christian Embassy Jerusalem” website. HERE

Here’s the post:

At least 14 houses belonging to residents of the Arab Christian town of Taiba northeast of Ramallah, were torched by Muslims from neighboring Deir Jarir on Sunday, to avenge what they termed the dishonor of a Muslim woman.

"The young men, who were holding Molotov cocktails, threw them at the houses, which began to go up in flames, one after another," said Taiba resident Buthaina Sha'aban, according to Ha'aretz.

"They vandalized parked cars and beat village residents who went out into the streets. Entire families were thrown into the street after their homes were torched. Not much remains of their property. We urge all international, Israeli, and Palestinian actors to intervene and protect village residents from the Muslim rage."

A security sources said the rampage was triggered by an incident last week in which a 30-year-old woman was made to drink poison by her relatives because they suspected her of carrying on a romance with a Christian man from the village - thought by scholars to be the city of Ephraim to which Jesus and his disciples went in John chapter 11.

The woman was quickly buried, but last Tuesday, the Palestinian Authority police exhumed the body for an autopsy angering relatives. So-called Muslim 'honor killings' are common throughout the Middle East but attract only minimal sentences due to their widespread cultural acceptance as an integral part of Islamic 'Sharia' law.”

That’s certainly food for thought, isn’t it? Perhaps Kurt Kennedy and his Best Party of Allah need to hear you say NO thank you!

Lest you still have doubts, read about a Hindu couple that have been set-up. They may loose their lives simply because they have been accused of “abusing” the Koran. A little more sharia law in action.

This story was posted on the website of the “ASSIST News Service.”


Here’s an excerpt:

“A Hindu couple has been arrested by Police in Pakistan's North West Frontier Province for allegedly desecrating the Muslim‘s holy book, the Koran, by throwing it into the fields near their home on September 2, 2005.

According to the All Pakistan Minorities Alliance (APMA), the incident occurred in Gandaf village in the Swabi district, some 150 km from Peshawar the provincial capital, when a Muslim man named Saeedullah found the copy of the Koran in the agricultural fields. He told the village council he suspected Chaman Lal and his wife Krishna

An e-mail report from APMA says a stick-wielding mob chanting anti-Hindu slogans gathered outside Lal's home and finding that the couple and other members of the family were not there, they attacked the house and almost destroyed it.

"The angry mob demanded that the couple be handed over to them; the mob blocked the road leading to the village for a couple of hours.”

You can read the rest of the story HERE

Thanks go out to The Australian, the ASSIST News Service and International Christian Embassy Jerusalem for their excellent work.

So, there’s the “heads-up” Australia! Don’t feel alone though, Islam has made it their goal to place the entire world under Muslim rule…It’s time we all said “no thanks” in whatever language it takes for them to get the message.

God bless America and Australia


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