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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Radical Islam: The Agenda

What do Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Australia and Papua New Guinea all have in common? I suppose there are more than a couple things they share in common. However, the most critical thing is a planned radical change in their futures and their cultures.

An Islamic book has been published with the English title, “Jihad and the Foreign Policy of the Khilafah State". It appears that the Indonesian-language book would be very comfortable on a shelf next to “Mein Kampf”.

It is reported that the book is readily available in Indonesian bookstores, it spells out the radical Islamic agenda for that corner of the planet. The plan is anything but peaceful and for the non-Muslim it’s downright terrifying.

The story is told in an article posted on the Assist News Service website and written by John M. Lindner, Special to ASSIST News Service.

Within the article an Indonesian correspondent known only as Ibrahim B. reports on the contents of the book.

“According to Ibrahim, "The radicals want Indonesia to be the foundation of a South East Asian Caliphate that will launch jihad against other nations such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Australia and Papua New Guinea until they have all submitted to Islam. To achieve this vision, all pockets of resistance must be subdued. This is why there have been jihad operations in Maluku and Central Sulawesi in the last few years and why there have been more than 100 churches closed down or destroyed in West Java alone in just the last three years--and over 30 churches in the last month."

A little more from the article;

“Ibrahim quotes page 64 of the Jihad book as saying, “It is not allowed for Muslims to fight those whom the Islamic da’wah [preaching] has not reached, rather the unbelievers must first be called to join Islam. If they reject, then they are invited to submit (live under) the ruling of the Islamic State by paying the jizyah tax [protection money - only paid by non-Muslims]. If they reject that, then war must be waged against them in order to remove any obstacle in the way of implementing the Islamic ruling system upon them.” [bracketed items added]

So, your choices are join Islam, serve the Muslims or die fighting them.

The original article that contains all of this information was written to tell the plight of three Christian women facing an Islamic court.

It’s amazing and well worth reading. We are given yet another glimpse into why we are fighting the war on terror. It has nothing to do with American foreign policy, nothing to do with oil or Islamic poverty. It has nothing to do with flushing a Koran in a toilet or forcing a detainee to stay up all night listening to heavy metal music.

It has everything to do with the bold Islamic plan to subject the entire world to Islamic rule.

Read the whole story Here

The free world had better come to it’s senses very soon. There is a war going on and it’s a winner take all fight. It’s a war we can’t afford to lose. Petty politics and political correctness have no place in this battle.

Many thanks to the ASSIST News Service and to John M. Lindner for posting the article.

Once again, we are fighting a war for the survival of freedom and human right, we can’t afford to give concessions or relent in the struggle.

God bless America


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