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Sunday, August 07, 2005

In The Terrorist's Nest

An incredible story of the spreading of hatred and the encouragement of terrorism appeared in The Times Online.

The story comes from a unique perspective. A reporter from The Sunday Times went undercover for 2 months and posed as a prospective member of a group of radical Muslims called the “Savior Sect” in London.

It is a chilling thought that meetings described in this post are happening all across Europe and most likely in North America.

Prime Minister Tony Blair
has taken a tough stand against those Muslim clerics that have been preaching hate in the UK. It seems that there will be more arrests and deportations in the near future for the radical Islamic fundamentalist.

It really is past time to take the bull by the proverbial horns, time to let it be known the party is over.

Read how these young radicals proudly use the English welfare system to survive, milking the very system they are intent on destroying. They’re living off the very people they wish to exterminate, spending their handout, making insidious plans.

Here’s an excerpt;

“He discovered that the core of the group consisted of about 40 young men guided by a handful of spiritual mentors. Many are of Bangladeshi origin, jobless and living in council flats in east London. They use aliases, taking the names of the prophet Muhammad’s companions.
At their meetings — which often included school-age teenagers — they were fed a constant diet of propaganda warning that the kuffar are out to destroy them.
Integration with British society is scorned, as is any form of democratic process. Followers are encouraged to exploit the benefits system. They avoid jobs which could bring them into contact with western women or might lead them to contribute to the economy of a nation they are taught to despise.”

Quoting them verbatim;

“Occasionally sipping a can of Fanta and gesticulating wildly, he declared: “I am a terrorist. As a Muslim, of course I am a terrorist.”
It was not just our reporter’s group who were present. Schoolchildren in T-shirts bearing the words “mujaheddin” and “warriors of Allah” listened intently as Brooks said he did not wish to die “like an old woman” in bed.
“I want to be blown into pieces,” he declared, “with my hands in one place and my feet in another.”

Take the time to read the entire post, it’s entitled “Focus: Undercover in the academy of hatred” By the Insight team. HERE

It will give you a greater understanding of what this War on Terrorism is all about. It will help you understand that this war can not be left to chance. It must be fought until victory is secured.

God bless America


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