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Friday, August 12, 2005

Burnt to the Ground

Back in May and early June the Muslim world and the liberal media were aghast. There were reports that American Military guards at Gitmo had abused the Islamic holy book, the Koran.

There was a mighty outcry of the offended. I posted an article entitled “Those Holy Books” you can read it HERE.

I’m certain that all those that were so concerned will again raise their voices now.

If abusing a Koran is offensive, how offended would one be if a Mosque were burned to the ground? What sacrilege! Imagine if ten Mosques were burned to the ground, who could tolerate it? There could be no rest until the culprits were found that performed the outrage. What punishment would be enough? How would justice ever be served?

I realize that this thought stymies the human mind, but try to imagine one hundred Mosques set ablaze, one hundred and fifty destroyed by an arsons hand…

Now read this excerpt;

“Last year, 1,500 Nigerian Christians were massacred by Islamic fundamentalists, 173 churches were burnt to the ground and 75,000 people were displaced.” The article goes on to report about the survivors left in the aftermath of this massacre.

Please, this is not a call to riot in the streets, enough damage has been done..

This is a call to those that were so outraged by the Koran abuse story to raise their voices again. This is a call to the liberal media to take up the cause. Your disdain for injustice is well known.

We call for your help and your voice now!

Read the rest of the post that appeared on The Assist News Service, titled “OPEN DOORS IMPACTING SUFFERING CHRISTIANS, CHURCHES IN NIGERIA” HERE

Our thanks to the Assist News Service and to OPEN DOORS USA.

We ask for your prayers for those left in such desperate straits in Nigeria. If you can help in any other way Open Doors USA can be contacted HERE.

Thank you,

God bless America


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