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Thursday, August 04, 2005

The ACLU, Sharing “Kindred Spirits” and Common Goals with Terrorists

Here’s a news flash you may have missed..

The American Civil Liberties Union has gone international. Perhaps it’s time for them to modify their name to The World Civil Liberties Union.

They have done such a swell job of attacking and undermining much of what’s right in America. They’ve defended what is un-American, perverted and harmful, but why should the ACLU limit their mayhem to America and Americans?

The ACLU has a keen interest in a prison in Iraq, Abu Ghraib.
I suppose it’s a matter of “kindred spirits” and common goals, that draws the ACLU to the hater’s and would be destroyers of America in that prison.

The ACLU has demanded files, photos and videos that the Department of Defense has pertaining to prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib. The prison and its prisoners are in Iraq, the detainees can in no way be construed to be Americans and do not have the protected rights of Americans. The government is not giving the whiners everything they want, but the ACLU claims they have a right to it.

The battle cry is the Freedom of Information Act.

You can read of the ACLU’s complaints from their website Here.

If those detainees have a clue about the ACLU, they will write to their congressman and complain. (oh yeah, they don’t have congressmen).

If the ACLU gets in there, the inmates in Abu Ghraib may not be photographed again with dog collars, but they can forget about praying to Allah. They’ll have no more prayer on government property..

You know what?
It’s time to stop the enemies of America, STOP THE ACLU

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Or Perhaps

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