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Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Virtues of Patience

Patience is a virtue, but perhaps if one is without virtue, time is wasted looking for patience.

The left is whining again
, (“still” maybe more accurate”).

They are displaying their support for the War on Terror, by providing the terrorists with verbal ammunition and moral encouragement.

“We need to set a timetable for bring our troops home from Iraq”

“Bush needs to set a date for troop withdrawal!”

It’s a quagmire, another Vietnam”

You’ve heard those statements from the left and their sympathizers, so have the terrorists. Brilliant tacticians, they are.

The War in Iraq began in March of 2003, it’s July of 2005. Iraq held it’s first free elections just a year ago. There is no shame in progress at that pace. Talk to the troops, this is no quagmire.. Yet, the left has whined on for months about how long this war has taken.

Here’s a few links to make my point, check them out.

“What Iraq needs is a Walter Cronkite”

“Kennedy: Bring Troops Home Now”

“Politicians Demand Plan for Bringing the Troops Home”

“Reid says Bush should devise strategy to bring U.S. troops home from Iraq”

“Rep. Woolsey Introduces Congressional Resolution; Withdrawal of U.S. Troops From Iraq”

These naysayers are nothing new. They are the extremely shortsighted types that believe they can somehow make political hay or mayhem from the War in Iraq. In twenty years America will have forgotten them and their lack of wisdom and patience, if they are fortunate. Woe to them and their party if their words are remembered.
To put this matter in perspective consider these words;

“ONE year after World War II ended -- a leading news magazine published an article about postwar reconstruction efforts in Germany. It was titled: "Americans are Losing the Victory in Europe."

The author despairingly wrote:
"Never has American prestige in Europe been lower. People never tire of telling you of the ignorance and rowdy-ism of American troops, of our misunderstanding of European conditions."

The year was 1946. In retrospect, it was not a time to despair but to build -- as they did.”

Think about that, shortsighted whining in 1946, and I was hoping we were growing up, learning patience.

Read the rest of this posting Here as it was posted in an article titled
“We Must Be Patient About Progress in Iraq” on the “Assyrian International News Agency” Thanks to them and their staff for this bit of insight and reality..

So, how about a little less whining and a little more support, the war is being won. You were never promised it would be quick or easy..

The only quagmire is the one the liberals and friends have created for themselves. Buried chest deep, supporting the wrong side, they’re whining and flailing as the real world marches on by them.

Some marching on to freedom, some marching on to failure, but they’re marching on. If only the liberals would stop whining and be patience, someone may take pity and help them out of their self-imposed quagmire..

Support our troops, encourage their efforts, stand behind the spread of freedom.

God bless America


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