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Monday, July 11, 2005

The Religion of Peace

With the cowardly terrorist bombings in London, July 7th, and several more since, the number of major Islamic terrorist attacks involving loss of life has grown to nearly 2600 since September 11, 2001.

And some would deny that there is a global war on terrorism being fought.

There is a war being fought and you’re involved. The enemy is the radical Islamic terrorists, make no mistake about it. The attacks are in diverse places around the world, Places with names like; Algeria, the USA, Pakistan, Israel, the Philippines, Afghanistan, India Indonesia, Turkey, Egypt, Sudan, the United Kingdom and many other places.

There are many other nations right now, wondering if they’re next to be visited by the senseless attacks on the innocent.

These attacks are taking place at a rate of about two a day. Often these terrorist attacks hardly make the news. We have become somewhat adjusted and hardened to the reports of the death and destruction they wreak.

It’s time for every good Muslim to stand up, speak up, and speak out.

If Islam doesn’t support terrorism, if the “Religion of Peace” is just that, a peaceful religion, if the terrorist’s goals are not your own, make your move!

Turn in the terrorists, reveal their plots, refuse to fund them.. Islamic terrorism can’t continue long without help.

To make this real, to see what has been done, the where and when of it, Click Here to visit The Religion of Peace . Com.

They are doing an excellent job of maintaining an accurate record of terrorist attacks around the globe. Many thanks to them, lest we ever forget.


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