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Thursday, July 21, 2005

It’s Pepto-Bismol time on the left!

It’s a wonderful thing to behold when the mention of a name can spark such activity….No doubt, 99% of all bloggers are talking about this guy.

Judge John Roberts has the American Civil Liberties Union and the rest of the radical left wringing hands, while the right and mainstream America are ringing bells!

It’s Pepto-Bismol time on the left!

According to the ACLU’s website HERE, they’re expressing “deep concern” over Presidents Bush’s nominee to the Supreme Court. That’s automatic points in the Judge Roberts column. Most of the time, if the ACLU is against you, you’re doing something right!

The audacity of the guy! Why, when he was serving as the principle deputy solicitor general from 1989-93, Roberts actually wrote a brief that supported prayer at graduation.. Imagine that, what’s he think, prayer is free speech? Everyone knows what free speech is, if you have something to say, burn the flag!

Well, Judge Roberts authored a brief supporting the idea that burning the flag should be a crime too! Burn the flag, make your statement, but you had better not pray before you strike that match or I’m calling the ACLU on you!

As if that wasn’t enough, John Roberts authored a brief calling for Roe v. Wade to be overruled. Wanting to save babies lives, what kind of a person is this guy? What rights do babies have to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

As the ACLU complains about the briefs Roberts was authoring, they didn't mentioned that John Roberts was doing his job...representings his clients..that's what lawyers are supposed to do..they don't necessarily agree with their clients. But,I'm hoping he does.

The fact President Bush and the right support Roberts is enough to keep the ACLU up at night

I’ll tell you what kind of a person Judge John Roberts is, he’s the perfect choice to sit on the Supreme Court.

It’s time to return sanity to our courts, it’s time judges understood that they’re judges and not lawmakers..

Congratulation Judge John Roberts, we’re supporting you, you’ll be in our prayers. As the character assassins from the left do their best to smear and slime you, remember, you’re not alone..

And of course, Stop the ACLU


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God Bless America

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