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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Chinese Communists, No Friend to America

We do not attempt to conceal our feelings concerning the American Civil Liberties Union here at Fundamentally Right. The ACLU has its roots in communism and operates in a manner that aggressively seeks to undermine the foundations of American society. All we need to know about them is their communist connection..

This posting though, is not about the ACLU in particular but about their fellow travelers the communists. Not some dreamy eyed, idealistic, “lets hold hands and be equal brothers, we’re the workers of the world” nonsense. We’re talking about communism as it is practiced, the real people enslaving, freedom destroying communism.

This might surprise you. Might even make you pause a moment before you spend your hard earned buck on those cheap Chinese products.

Let me make one thing very clear right now though, this blogger has a real burden on his heart for the Chinese Christian underground and house churches. Those Christians are a real inspiration to me, if only Christians in the rest of the world were as faithful.

In an article written by Cong Rong and appearing at Epoch Times.Com titled “Web Visitors in China Cheer for the Explosions in London” some disturbing facts are revealed.

“The Chinese Communists always claim that "the old society turned people into ghosts, and new society turns ghosts into human."(Old society refers to the society that existed before the CCP government controls the whole China) From their point of view, it is definitely right, because they always take ghosts to be human beings and take human beings as ghosts. In the 50 years of the CCP's regime, it has not only created 80 million ghosts due to unnatural death, but has also educated generations of the Chinese people into "human ghosts," who don't have humanity and don't know right from wrong, and they are the "people" that the CCP likes most.”

Cong continues;

“When the 9/11 incident happened in 2001, I was still in Mainland China. I remember one female colleague told me the news with a big smile and lots of excitement. I could not understand why she did not have any sympathy for such a tragedy, as she was a very good and kind person.”

Read the rest of the post Here, discover why Americans should be concerned.

In a related post also found at Epoch Times.Com, J. D. McGuire of China-E-lobby wrote this;

To Defeat Terrorism, We Must Defeat Communism

“As London recovers from the terrorist attack of July 7, nearly everyone has fingered al Qaeda as the culprit. This is true, as far as it goes. Al Qaeda itself has claimed responsibility for the attack, and has proved to everyone why the War on Terror must continue until Osama bin Laden and his cohorts are defeated.

However, those who are willing to leave it at al Qaeda do not nearly go far enough. Although the attack in London was not nearly as sophisticated as either the March 11, 2004 attack in Madrid or the September 11, 2001 attack against New York and Washington, it did require organization, timing, planning, and money. This could not be accomplished by an organization scrambling for its own survival in Afghanistan or western Pakistan. With this attack, al Qaeda has revealed that they have a new base of operations from which it can continue to strike against the free world. Increasingly, it is becoming clear that this base is in Iran, which means al Qaeda is surviving, and recovering, at the behest of the Iranian mullahcracy’s geopolitical ally and military benefactor: the Chinese Communist Party.

It is no secret that the CCP terrorizes its own people, and to those knowledgeable on the subject, the Party’s anti-Americanism is also a given. However, very few are aware of how deep the Communists’ ties to international terrorism go – and that general ignorance is no accident. It is part and parcel of the Communist strategy against America. As Kevin Spacey’s character in The Usual Suspects put it, “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”
The Chinese Communist Party is attempting the same trick with its ties to terrorism, but without the same success: those ties are still there for all to see.”

Please read the entire article HERE

Special thanks to Cong Rong, D. J. McGuire and Epoch Times, great work.

If this information is accurate, it’s far beyond time to stop the whining about Gitmo, dog collars and flushed Qurans. It’s time to demand that politics end at America’s borders and for the free world to stand together and win this thing….

God bless America


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