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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Call it Profiling or Call it Common Sense....

“Pardon me sir, I’ll need to check your bags.. You see, you bear a strong resemblance to the last several homicide bombers..”

It’s hard to remember the last time a little old lady with blue hair exploded a bomb on a subway train.

How wonderfully refreshing, the British Transport Police in London are using common sense. They seem to have dispensed with the politically correct nonsense. It seems that saving lives and stopping terrorists is going to take priority over sensitive feelings.

It’s time America followed suit, the world is far too dangerous to continue playing the politically correct game. Of course the usual suspects will whine and cry foul, the ACLU and their fellow travelers. Let them whine, we have a war to win.

The British have their whiners too, but they’ll just have to make the adjustment and get over it..

The BBC News UK edition featured this article titled: “Searches to target ethnic groups.”

“People from certain ethnic groups are more likely to be stopped and searched on London transport in the wake of the bombings, British Transport Police say.
A force spokesman said communities were not being singled out, but police have to "target the people we think may be involved" in bomb attacks.”

“It is going to be young men, not exclusively, but it may be disproportionate when it comes to ethnic groups.”

Well bully for them, common sense reigns!

You can read the entire article HERE

Thanks to the BBC News for the encouraging story.

Perhaps it’s time for America to stop the madness and quit worrying about hurt feelings. Maybe it’s time to recognize and admit we know what most terrorists don’t look like.

Call it profiling or call it common sense…I call it reasonable, cost and time efficient.

Man, if it walks like a duck, well, you know the rest...

God Bless America


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