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Friday, July 01, 2005

The ACLU fears a “roll back”

I don’t know where you were when the announcement was made, but we could hear beads of perspiration popping out on foreheads way over to our left.

The announcement of Justice Sandra Day O'Connor’s retirement from the Supreme Court had hardly cleared President Bush’s lips and it began. Sudden deodorant failure coupled with those betraying beads of perspiration on the brow revealed the panic sweeping the left. Literal hand wringing and audible gasps were more involuntary reactions.

Among those hit hardest was the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Almost instantly they had a press release titled “ACLU Concerned O’Connor Replacement Will Roll Back Vital Civil Liberties Protections” up on their national website.

Here’s a sample from their site;

“WASHINGTON - The American Civil Liberties Union today expressed great concern that the Bush administration will replace Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, who announced her retirement today after more than two decades on the court, with a nominee whose judicial philosophy is fundamentally opposed to the progress made in protecting individual rights over the past century

"Justice O'Connor fully earned her reputation as a centrist; she was a conscientious jurist and, in a number of key cases, stood up for individual rights and against a radically conservative vision of the Constitution," said Steven Shapiro, ACLU Legal Director. "We are gravely concerned that President Bush will use this opportunity to nominate someone whose judicial philosophy is hostile to civil liberties."

If you’re interested in reading more about their panic you an do it here, it will take you to their website.

The ACLU and the radical left are fearful that President Bush will appoint a judge to the Supreme Court that will actually do what a Justice is supposed to do. That is, to be a strict constitutionalist, that plays the role of judge.

What the left doesn’t want you to know is that judges are not legislators. Legislating is what we elect and pay those Congressmen to do. However, much of the radical left’s agenda would never become law if the voters had any say in the matters. The left can’t sell their radical ideas and schemes so they find activists judges to fabricate laws for them.

Activist judges are the only tool the left has to push their agenda… that tool is now threatened with a vacancy to fill on the Supreme Court. Watch as the fur flies, watch as the ACLU gets really ugly.

The ACLU fears a “roll back” of what they promote as “civil liberties.”

What America needs is a roll back to common sense, a roll back to the days when Congress made the laws and judges didn’t.

America is not in danger of losing civil liberties, on the contrary we are on the threshold of a new day in our justice system…

Roll Back the ACLU

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