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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Aage Bjerre, Hero

Standing by ones convictions is sometimes costly. Principles can be expensive.

Aage Bjerre of Denmark’s western island of Fanoe, can tell you all about it.

You see, Aage owns a pizza shop in the town of Nordby, on Fanoe and he loves America.

Aage Bjerre is presently cooling his heels in a Danish jail, he’ll be there for eight days. He began serving his sentence Tuesday, July 12th.

Aage is serving time because he refused to serve pizza.

So, Mr. Bjerre got himself in trouble with the law for refusing to serve pizza. He refused to dish up his pizza to French and German tourists because of the French and German government’s opposition to the U.S. led war in Iraq.

Apparently, refusing to serve pizza in “protest” is not a “free speech” issue in Denmark.

You can read the entire story of Aage Bjerre’s plight Here as it was posted on Canada.Com. A big thanks is due to the crew at Canada. Com, for the story.

This isn’t the first time Aage expressed his opinion, or refused to serve the French and German tourist’s pizza.

Back in February of 2003, he was protesting too. He made this statement concerning serving the French and Germans in his pizza shop ;

"The French are cowards and they are banned for life, and as long as the Germans behave disloyally towards the USA, I can't be bothered to make food for them."

Here’s the story of Aage Bjerre first refusal to serve pizza. It was posted at the BBC News World Edition website in 2003. Link to that story Here.

Aage Bjerre, you’re my kind of guy! You’re a HERO! Oh that we had more friends like you in Europe… You could teach some on the American left a thing or two as well about supporting our troops and our country.

My hat goes off to you, from the bottom of my heart I thank you for your stand. We have noticed you, and thank you for your support.

God bless you Aage


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