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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Who’s Abusing The Quran Now?

The military guards and interrogators at Gitmo have been vilified in the main stream media repeatedly. Muslims have rioted, people have died, and apologies have been demanded. The cause of this entire calamity was of course, those reports that told of how the Quran had been abused in the detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

I’m not going to rehearse all the details of the accusations of abuse. I trust you’ve heard plenty by now about the alleged flushing down the toilet of a detainee’s Quran.. which by the way was never proven.

I’d like you to make note of another Quran abuse story. This time there were no American military in the area, but again, it involved Islamic Jihadists. The Jihadist is a 22-year-old female Palestinian security prisoner in Ashkelon’s Shikma Prison.

The article was written by Raanan Ben-Zur and was posted at Ynetnews.com. The entire article can be read Here

Read how she tore pages from her Quran and hid them in her skirt. Read how she blatantly disrespected the Quran and threw it toward a toilet.

Somehow, I doubt that the main stream media will pick-up on this story..there will be no riots, no demands to shut down the prison, no one else to blame.

Perhaps this article and this 22-year-old young woman will help us to put this entire Quran abuse matter into perspective..


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