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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

She’s a Grand Old Flag

The American Civil Liberties Union is beginning to fidget again.

The House has passed the Flag Protection Amendment. The Amendment was written to protect the U.S. flag from desecration. It’s been a battle for several years to get the amendment passed through the House. Now it’s off to the Senate and if it clears there, it goes to the States for ratification.

You can read the entire article by Senior Editor, Melanie Hunter as it was posted CNSNews.com Here

The ACLU stands firmly against the Flag Protection Amendment citing the protection of free speech. They support the “right” to desecrate the American Flag. You can read details of their position Here at the ACLU’s web page.

The need for an amendment to protect the American Flag should never have been necessary. Why wouldn’t an American citizen naturally respect the nation’s flag?

Problems arose when protesters began burning American Flags back in the 60’s during the War in Vietnam. Somehow, flag burning became “free speech,” a right protected under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Think about that, “free speech.” If burning our National Flag is free speech, what is being said? Isn’t speech about speaking? So, what is being said? What is the speech that is given?

Is burning the American Flag saying you hate America? Certainly there can be no argument over what the American Flag symbolizes.
The Flag represents America, doesn’t it? So, is burning Old Glory a way of saying I detest everything represented by the flag.

Is burning the flag saying you hate or at least disapprove of the American Government? Is it American Government policy that’s hated? Is burning the flag an expression of contempt for the military, is that the statement being made? High taxes? Just what is being said by burning the American flag?

The major problem in this free speech issue is, what is being said?
The American Flag represents so much more that the government. It symbolizes far more than government policy, foreign or domestic.

Our Flag represents things much broader than the military, much more than big industry.

You see Old Glory represents you and me, when you burn the flag you are saying you disrespect you and me, do you hate us?

Old Glory is a mighty symbol of our history and our culture. It’s a symbol of our pioneering spirit, our entrepreneurial genius.
The Stars and Stripes represents unequaled generosity to those less fortunate all over the globe. It symbolizes defending freedoms and the liberation of those overrun by dictators and despots.

It represents opportunities for education, the best medical facilities in the world.. Is contempt for all of these things, is hate for all of this what you’re expressing by burning the symbol that stands for America?

You can’t burn the flag and say it’s speech unless you stand against everything America stands for. You can’t separate a single issue.

If you burn Old Glory, the statement you’re making is “I hate every part of America and all America represents.

If that is the statement, the expression of your free speech, you don’t understand America. You’d be much happier living elsewhere.

Not everyone is cut out to be an American and that’s okay. You see, there are millions of people that would give all they have to live under Old Glory. They would trade places with you in a heartbeat.

I don’t believe burning our flag is “free speech.” I believe it’s a sign of disrespect for something you don’t understand. It’s desecration.

The ACLU needs to be defeated on this issue. Write to your Senator and let them know you support the Flag Protection Amendment.

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