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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Douglas Wood Tortured ?

What fantastic news !!! Prayers have been answered !!!

“Iraqi and American forces spotted a form huddled beneath a blanket when they raided a home in a dangerous Sunni neighborhood Wednesday. The residents insisted it was their ailing father — but the unfazed troops knew they'd found their man: Australian hostage Douglas Wood.”

Intelligence information paid off! Important clues were gleaned after Operation Lightening, a broad counterinsurgency campaign launched in Baghdad at the end of May. Those tip-offs led to the freedom of Australian Douglas Wood.

You can read the entire article by Frank Griffiths, Associated Press Writer and posted on SFgate.com Here

I’d like to know how Wood was treated. Was he given 3 meals of Australian food everyday? Was Wood offered a Bible to read, was he given time to pray several times a day?

Can anyone tell me if he was given clean clothes and a place to shower each day?

The article is a little short on details, this is all it said;

“Warner declined to comment on whether Wood, who has a heart condition, was tortured. However, footage released May 7 showed a battered and bruised Wood with two machine guns held to his head.”

Was Wood tortured?

I demand a full investigation, it’s time to shut down these hostage taking operations. We need to get to the bottom of this and hold those responsible accountable. The entire western world is offended!

This man was held prisoner and no charges were ever filed against him. Where’s the international outcry? Where’s the main stream media attention?


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