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Monday, June 20, 2005

Come Clean John Kerry

John Kerry just won’t come clean!

He sold himself as a war hero in his failed attempt to become President last year. You may remember, quite a few troopers served in Vietnam with John Kerry. They didn’t remember Senator Kerry being a war hero. A debate ensued concerning the legitimacy of John Kerry’s claim to the status of war hero.

Ha, you say, what’s the big deal? Just look at his war records, they will tell you what kind of a hero John Kerry was.

For us to see his military records, John has to sign a release form , it’s the “Standard Form 180”. After months of pleading, signed petitions, and constant attention being drawn to the matter, John signed the Standard Form 180. Ah, what a hero!

Well, John signed the form and submitted it to the Navy, giving permission to release his records.

We are half way there John. Now, how about coming clean and submitting that 180 form to the National Archives so we can see all the records?

If you don’t do it John, we can only believe there’s something you’re hiding. Is there a dishonorable discharge in there? Some believe that Jimmy Carter saw to it that your dishonorable discharge was forgiven and you were given an honorable discharge later.

Come clean John Kerry.. You are right out there demanding information, demanding investigations as if you have some moral authority..

It’s your turn John, come clean, show us all your stuff… or perhaps you might want to be a little less vocal, a little less demanding of others until you do.

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