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Friday, June 24, 2005


File under : Who would have guessed it?

An absolutely stunning revelation is brought to light in an article by Wolfgang Polzer writing for the ASSIST News Service (ANS).

Wolfgang’s posting is titled;

Why Does the EU Keep Silent About Persecution of Christians?”

In the article Wolfgang cites a book titled; “Against Christianity: The UN and the EU as a New Ideology” written by a couple of Italian authors, Eugenia Roccella and Lucetta Scaraffia.

The book tells of some of the United Nation’s attempts to produce a new moral code to replace the Ten Commandments with something a little less, well, restrictive. A moral code that was more in tune with “New Age” thinking is what they were seeking to write. They wanted an “earth charter”, a nice blend of religion, ecology and paganism.

Of course, the idea of a replacement for the Ten Commandments with the New Age “earth charter” got the Roman Catholic Church to voice a protest.

Eugenia Roccella and Lucetta Scaraffia feel that the UN and the EU (European Union) see the Roman Catholic Church along with some other religions as a threat to their plans.

The European Parliament’s commission on human rights wastes little time before speaking out and criticizing the crackdown in China on the religious group Falun Gong or the Buddhists. They’re pretty tight-lipped when it concerns the treatment of Chinese Christians.

The EU is willing to vocalize their criticism of the treatment of women in Islamic countries but is willing to ignore the plight of Christian minorities in the same nations.

To read the entire article, simply click Here

I admit to having my tongue in cheek earlier when I stated it was a “stunning revelation.” Anyone that follows the antics of the United Nations or the European Union wouldn’t be the least bit surprised while reading the ASSIST News Service post.

The UN and the EU have proven to be no friend to the Christians. We have little control of the EU, perhaps do vacation touring elsewhere or refuse to buy their products is a thought.
However, the UN is another matter. We need to insist on a complete reformation, including a housecleaning of personnel, starting at the highest levels. If this can’t be accomplished it may be time to pull the plug on UN funding and abandon the disaster.


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