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Friday, May 20, 2005

Those Holy Books

Today, in old London Town they were going wild!! It was cries of “kill George Bush”, “bomb, bomb New York” and “watch your back Osama is coming back”. A delightful little gathering of fun loving Muslims making a day of it. Details can be read Here in an AP article from the Jerusalem Post.Com

The “good times” were rolling in other places around the globe too. Over in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, Calcutta, India and in the territories of Palestine the Muslims took to the streets. Some were spiting on the American flag, while others burned our flag, still others were shouting “Death to America!, Death to Israel ! You can read the details Here as posted on Yahoo News in an AP article.

These gatherings didn’t reach the level of the riots in Afghanistan the other day where 17 people lost their lives. They were bad enough though.

What sparked these festivities? It was an article published by those brilliant folks at Newsweek magazine. Ever eager to support our troops and our nation, Newsweek published a story that ignited those gentle Muslim people into full riot mode. Turns out that the story they spun couldn’t be proven to be factual. So, after wrestling with it awhile, a bit of an apology, then at last they retracted the story. You can read about Newsweek Here as posted on CNN.com

The Newsweek story reported that military personal at the US prison facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba had desecrated a copy of the Quran.
The story was told that as a punishment for one of the detainees, a copy of the Quran was flushed down a toilet. When the Muslim world became aware of the incident, many literally went wild.

It seems a little bit of an over reaction to me. I’m a Christian and to me the Bible is a sacred book, God’s Word. However, it seems Islam is not so willing to give the same respect as it is now demanding. If you happen to find yourself arriving in Saudi Arabia, you won’t have your Bible there very long. They will confiscate your Bible at the airport and toss it into a shredder. If you bring several Bibles, they will be taken and you may get 70 lashes, it could cost you your life.. Read more about Muslim respect for the Holy Bible Here. You will be amazed at how much the Bible and those that read it are disrespected by those that now demand to be respected.. I’m not quite ready to riot though…

The answer to this problem is stunningly simple… There is a solution to the dilemma… The Muslim world could fall soundly asleep tonight, drift off peacefully knowing not another detainee in Guantanamo will lose his Quran in the toilet…(whether it ever happened the first time or not). Not a single Quran need ever suffer abuse at the prison..

Simply gather up each prisoner’s copy of the Quran and put it in a shoebox. Collect the prisoner’s other personal religious effects, store them in the shoebox too. You lock the box up in a secure cabinet and return the box to the prisoner when he’s released… Everything is safe and secure and no reason to riot.

I have a couple of questions though, where did those detainees get those copies of the Quran? Did the US Government (you and me) provide them? Say, that’s a pretty decent thing to do isn’t it?

Now, about those Christians in prisons in Saudi Arabia and other Islamic nations… are they being provided Bibles by their hosts?

It’s about time to stop apologizing and tell it like it is..

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