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Monday, May 16, 2005

The Millstone

Have you ever seen a millstone? What do you suppose the stone weighed? Well, depending on the size of the stone they can weigh anywhere from 400 lbs to well over 2 tons. It’s a lot of weight no matter how you shake it. If your interest has been sparked, Charles Howell has plenty to say about millstones here.

It’s truly not millstones or their history that are the subject of this post. It’s the tremendous weight of a millstone that’s of interest to me. Imagine having millstone around your neck, think of the dead weight. Think of the inconvenience……think of the attention you would attract. The first thing people would notice is your millstone. “Good grief, look at the size of that stone!” people would snicker.

You’d probably do whatever it took to rid yourself of that millstone. Any reasonable person would. Suppose you were offered a deal, I’ll trade you a sheet of paper that weighs 4.8- grams for that millstone. (Oh, by the way, you have to sign the paper too.)

What’s on that sheet of paper? It’s just a form, a release form, a standard release form. It’s a Standard Form 180. Signing that 4.8-gram Standard Form 180 would allow you to free yourself of that millstone.

I’m talking about a promise Senator John Kerry made to America, Sunday, January 30th, 2005 on “Meet the Press” with Tim Russert.

The Senator was asked if he would sign the Standard Form 180, releasing his military records to the public. The Senator said he would sign it. As of this day John Kerry has refused to keep his word…Any reasonable person would be suspicious of his refusal to sign that form.

Clear your name John Kerry !!!! You can have no credibility until you sign the form John. Allay our suspicions.

Sign the Standard Form 180 or continue to wear that millstone around your neck…

Be certain of this Senator Kerry, where ever you go, what ever position you may seek, there will be someone to remind you and America of that millstone you wear around your neck….

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