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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Bolt the Door, Bar the Windows

Ever been to Sweden? I spent a day in Malmo many moons ago, it was a great place. Fantastic beaches on the Baltic Sea and tall blonde women. We’d been in Copenhagen for about a week and decided to take a shuttle across to Sweden for the day. Since this isn’t a travel blog I won’t go into the details.

Sweden’s not the place it used to be. The changes are down right scary. Muslim terrorists have threatened to launch a series of attacks against Sweden. The threats were posted on at least a couple of Islamic website.

If you research a bit you’ll find that Sweden has painted herself into a corner. The Swedes have played that sorry game America is engaged in right now, “political correctness.” It’s payday for them. They have yielded so much and have been willing to overlook so much, Sweden barely belongs to the Swedes.

What is happening in Sweden today may well be a glimpse of the way things will soon be in America, if we don’t take a stand quickly.

If you want to see how swiftly matters can get out of hand (perhaps irreversibly so) please, please read “Islamist threats to attack Sweden pre-date "offensive" comments” Read it Here, there is much more than the title implies.

The article was posted on Internet Haganah .Org by Aaron, with references to LittleGreenFootballs, Jihad Watch and others.

Don’t just read the article, click on each and every link. It will take a while, but you will come back and thank me when you do.

We are in a war, and to call it less is foolishness…..

My family has lived as Christians in America for well over 350 years, we’re not going anywhere, it doesn’t disturb me in the least if I’m politically incorrect.

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