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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Slavery? You wanna talk about slavery?

My last post concerned the conclusion reached by a Palestinian scholar named Ziad Silwadi. Seems Ziad has pulled together some information from the Koran that spells out the demise of the USA. Ziad concludes that Allah will send a giant tsunami and America will be washed away in 2007.

Ziad may have stumbled on to something in his research. I’m thinking perhaps a plot for a blockbuster movie…little else though. If we are to judge this researcher by his research work, who can take him seriously? He has a real problem getting his facts straight. Mr. Silwadi may draw his conclusions from the Koran, interpretation is everyone’s right.

However, historical facts and currents events are less open to interpretation. Mr. Silwadi had better consider purchasing a wetsuit and snorkel gear for his own use. If Allah is going to drown America over slavery and the abuse of Native Americans, the Muslim world is going to be in still deeper water.

These are Ziad Silwadi words as found is his recent research report;

"As soon as the Europeans started arriving in the new world discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492, they declared a war on the so-called Red Indians, the legitimate owners of the land,"

"Then they began enslaving and humiliating Africans after kidnapping them from their countries and bringing them to America. Millions of blacks were brought to the US and treated with unprecedented harshness. Those who became ill during the journey were thrown overboard to feed the fish."

(You can read the about entire report Here

Most Americans will agree that in the settling of the nation, Native Americans didn’t fair very well. That’s not one of the things of which we can be proud.

Slavery is another blot on our glorious past. America struggled with that issue from the early days as a nation. America’s not perfect, it’s as simple as that, people aren’t perfect…but we’re working at it.

But Mr. Silwadi, being a Muslim, you should have never, ever, brought up slavery or abuse.

Certainly, you know that the American slave traders purchased their slaves primarily from Muslim slave dealers. The Muslims did the kidnapping, brought the victims to the African coast and sold them.

Muslims have a long, long sordid history of slave trading. Perhaps you thought the rest of the world had forgotten. Maybe you think we don’t read the newspapers. Some of the victims of Muslim slavery are speaking about their experiences to a listening world today.

I did a little research myself, not nearly a extensive as your project though.

Just check out a few of these links, see what the rest of the world has to say about abuse and slavery under Islam, past and present.

Lets start with “ABC News online” and the“ Sudanese” Here

Front Page Magazine featured an article “Jihad Slavery: An Ugly Living Legacy” by Alyssa A. Lappen, relating the story of Francis Bok, a slave for 10 years. Francis is telling his story to America. Read about it Here

Are you still with me? Now some history of Islam and slavery.
From the “ National Review” May 20, 2002 by John J. Miller Here

Ready to yell uncle, Ziad?

Okay, lets look at this from Chronicles Magazine. Org

Excerpts from a Lecture by Srdja Trifkovic Here

And from our friends at Faith Freedom .Org there’s this;
"Slave Girls and Their Rights in Islam
by S. Stephan.
Found Here

There’s much, much more information to be found on the subjects of slavery, abuse and cold blooded murder perpetrated by Muslims. Just type into your favorite search engine “Islamic slavery” or “Muslim slavery” you’ll find it. It takes no interpretation.

So, what do you think Mr. Silwadi? Are you in the market for a wetsuit?

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John 8:32 "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

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