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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

“Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party”

The Chinese Communist Party can’t stop the bleeding. Those that have shed much innocent blood for many long years may soon need a tourniquet. Party members are tearing up their membership cards at a pace that has party leaders in a panic.

What’s it all about? Just that little item called truth…When people really understand what communism is all about, when the truth is revealed, they want out. To keep people living under communism, they have to be brainwashed, bullied and subdued. Let them taste liberty, take a breath of freedom or even witness others enjoying those things and they will never be satisfied with less.

So, the Chinese have been exposed to the Internet, satellite TV and radio broadcasts, sources of information beyond governmental control.

My explanation is a bit simplistic, but the bottom line is for the communist to maintain control they, must filter all incoming information. When the information control breaks down, the communists begin losing their grip. When people can process information for themselves, they are no longer satisfied with communism. It’s a failed system where only the leadership prospers and everyone else serves the government.

A publication has come from inside the Chinese Communist Party. It exposes all that has transpired under the communist regime..The content of the publication has shaken the Chinese Communists, both the rank and file and the leadership.

The publication titled; “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party” was published outside the country but copies are being smuggled into China. As the members of the communist party read the book, they resign from the party.

This is an excerpt taken from that publication;

"The Communist Party suppresses human beings’ virtuous nature, and promotes, encourages, and uses the evil side of humanity to strengthen its rule. In one campaign after another, people with conscience are forced into silence for fear of violence. The Communist Party systematically has destroyed universal moral standards in an attempt to completely demolish the concepts of good and evil and of honor and shame that have been maintained by humankind for thousands of years."

There is a great article posted on The Epoch Times website titled;

“Withdrawals from CCP Surpass 700,000
Party Steps Up Internet Blockade”
By Li Heping. You can read it Here

To read “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party” it can be found Here also on the Epoch Times website

It is extremely interesting reading. It’s plain even to the untrained eye why communism is such a failed form of government. Just look at the “train wreck “ communism made of Eastern Europe. What images come to mind at the mention of these Heavens on earth, North Korea, Cuba and China? Dictatorship, poverty and subjugation are hardly the things people would choose for themselves and their families.
Communism cannot and will never work as advertised. The government has to become all in all to the people. The people must be trained to depend upon the system, to rely on the government to meet all their needs. The system must become the god for the people.

Of course, that never works, there is something inside a man that reaches out to a creator, a supreme being. God put that something in man, simply so that man would come looking for God and seek a relationship with Him. No man, no government, no manmade system can meet that need, only God can satisfy it.

The problem for communists is this, for the system to work, it must be the only god. This will never be, try as they will, people will find a way to worship God. Persecution will be suffered, heavy prices will be paid but people will continue to seek and find God.

The big secret is this; in their hearts people want to be free….God sets people free, communism abhors that!

Now what fool would choose to live under communist rule? What fool would choose to surrender their freedoms?

If someone were to attempt to place America under communist rule, would you resist it? Would you knowingly permit communists to rewrite our Constitution? Would you knowingly permit communists to dictate what goes on in the classrooms across America? Would you want them to hold sway over youth organizations? How about the Church? Would it be okay for the communists to dictate where a Christian symbol can be displayed, where a Bible can be read or where you can pray?

No way!!!

Think again……The American Civil Liberties Union is deeply involved in all those matters, a communist rooted organization. It’s a little scary, isn’t it? Isn’t it time to slam the door on the communists?

Jump over to Stop the ACLU Here.. Read in great detail what the ACLU is doing in America…Read what you can do about it..

You're doing a fantastic job gang, America owes you one!

I don’t know about you, but I know too much about the destruction that communism brings, the strangle hold it puts on freedom. I don’t want my great grand children longing for the America that once was free.

Lets fight the battle for them now…Stop the ACLU !

It’s for God and Country

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