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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Jihadists, Active In Your Home Town

Back in January I posted an article titled “Jihadists In Your Home Town” (you can read it Here )

It concerned what was taking place in mosques across America. Jihadists’ propaganda is being distributed in the mosques. It’s not the kind of material most Americans would be happy about.
This is a subject we cannot afford to be casual about, these Muslims are playing for keeps!!

Laura Mansfield has written an eye-opening article over at Faith Freedom. Org , entitled “Jihad comes to Small Town, USA

“It happened again this week. I came out of the office to find a flyer under my windshield wipers inviting me to a special informational presentation on God and family values, and how to bring them back to the forefront in America.

I'm a parent so the flyer caught my interest. But as an analyst for the Northeast Intelligence Network, my eyes were riveted to the address on the flyer: The session was being held at a nearby mosque.

Curiosity got the better of me, and I decided it would be a good time for some onsite investigations of the mosque. In order to not attract undue attention, I dressed conservatively, wearing a navy jumper with a long sleeve white blouse, and low heels. I debated whether or not to put on a hijab (head scarf) then decided not to – after all, I was going to "learn," not to pretend I was a Muslim.”

Continue with the rest of Laura’s fascinating experience by clicking Here

Faith Freedom . Org is an outstanding website, every American should make it a “must read” every week. Click Here

Barbara J. Stock has written an article that is well worth reading entitled “The Hypocrisy of Islam” it can be found Here

If we value our way of life as Americans, we had better wake up soon.

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