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Friday, March 04, 2005

We’re Not Buying It China

China is outraged!! How dare the American government speak of the human rights record of China?

“Despite tons of problems in its own human rights, the United States continues to stick to its belligerent stance, wantonly trample on the sovereignty of other countries, and constantly stage tragedies of human rights infringement in the world, said the report.

At last, the report said that the United States should reflect on its erroneous behavior on human rights and take its own human rights problems seriously instead of indulging itself in publishing the "human rights country report" to censure other countries unreasonably”

Here’s their complete report and complaint: China View

Hmmmmm…does anyone remember a place called Tiananmen Square?

A little episode took place June 3-4, 1989 in Beijing. Seems that the human rights loving Chinese communist government murdered 5000 or so of their own people. Most that were slaughtered that fateful night were students.. What was their crime? They wanted a little freedom, a little democracy… They wanted the same things the Eastern Europeans were beginning to get.
Please take a minute to follow these links, this is information you need to know… China: Human Rights & the Democracy Movement and this, if you don’t get the picture Victims of Tiananmen Massacre


The government in Beijing rails hard on the USA…I’d guess they could find some in the ACLU and other radical left fringers here in America that would agree with them. It’s that hate America first thing…
America does have problems; it would be silly and dishonest to say other wise.. We want to be honest here at Fundamentally Right, so you’ll get truth as best we know it..

Anyway, the glaring differences between the problems China accuses America of having (crime, poverty, discrimination etc) and Chinese human rights problems are quite simple to see.

Most of the “human rights” violations America is accused of are people to people abuses. People’s abuse of one another… They are problems of personal attitudes and a lack of values in an individual. The proper laws are in place, but attitudes and values are things that must be taught, instilled and hopefully embraced. They are matters of personal decisions and individual responsibility.

Whereas China’s abuses are perpetrated by the government against the citizens.

China has a hideous record of abusing religious freedoms. Here are a few examples to ponder: China Aid Radio Free China
Committee for the Investigation on Persecution of Religion in China

Laogai Research Foundation

Compass Direct
There are many other sources easily found on the Internet that reinforce my point.

One has to wonder where are all the liberals and where is the UN? We hear so much about prisoner abuse in Iraq associated with the War on Terror, what about torture, murder, rape and imprisonment for worshiping God?

Sorry China, that dog won’t hunt..

As China gets closer to their big Olympic circus in 2008, if this blogger is still around, expect me to be howling much more about it.. In the mean time, we’ll just keep on praying, sending money to buy Bibles for Chinese Christians and doing what we can to get the word out.

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