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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Somebody, hand Mike Moore a Kleenex….

If there’s one thing Americans don’t like, it’s a sore loser. You’d think the far left would get the picture at last, but they don’t.

January 20th 2005 will see George W. Bush inaugurated again as the President of the United States. The Democrats gave it a valiant effort but it wasn’t enough to carry the day or win the election last November 2nd. George W. Bush was elected by a margin of votes large enough to settle the matter in the minds of most Americans.

Of course, the left was disappointed at John Kerry’s defeat. They had spent a lot money and effort in their attempt to replace George W. I believe that the Dems wanted to win so badly they couldn’t imagine losing. They somehow felt that if wanted it badly enough, that they deserved the victory. They didn’t get a victory and there’s no grace in their defeat.

With the holidays, the on going story of the tragic Asian Tsunami Disaster and the War on terror, the November elections seem like a long time ago. Bush was re-elected so lets move on.

Ah, but not so..the Libs want to keep revisiting the election. It’s like if you watch a movie and don’t like the way it ended, you keep watching it over and over, hoping that it will come out your way after while.

Kids, it ain’t gonna happen. It’s history, it’s been recorded, and the rest of the country (Jesus Land) is on to other things.

Still we have The Congressional Black Caucus looking for a Senator to stand up and protest the November election of President Bush. The idea is to slow down the certification of the election.
It just adds to the appearance of the liberal’s role as losers.. No one in his or her right mind is going to hang themselves out like that, Congressional Black Caucus or not.

Now our old friend Michael Moore is urging everyone he can to go to Washington DC January 20th. To protest and to show resistance to the Bush Administration’s policies is their only purpose.

I certainly will be around in two years and again in four years to remind the voting public of the Lefts antics now.

It’s beginning to wear thin, these sore losers, the whining, crying and complaining.

It’s downright un-American and it’s offensive to me… When I was a kid and we ran across a sore loser, we wouldn’t let him play the game with us again. We’d run him off, “go on home ya big crybaby”….. That’s a thought..

Here’s an idea for you unhappy Libs. Instead of spending your money and wasting your time coming to DC January 20th take that money and donate it to a Tsunami Relief Fund. Do something pro-American.

In the mean time, wipe your noses, dry your eyes and join the rest of the nation.. There’s room for you in Jesus Land, just stop the infernal whining.


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