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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Lunatic Fringe

I don't want to seem like I'm ranting and losing patience with the far left fringe, but I think I am.

I did a little research and found, this is what they're up to next week.
The lunatic fringe plans an attempt to embarrass our country and our President on Inauguration Day.

It is totally un-American and extremely immature, even for the left. They are spreading the word through the Internet to the "fringlings" to protest the inauguration of President Bush. As if that will change something.

They are suggesting that students stay home from class January 20th in protest. They want workers to call in sick in protest and they recommend that shoppers stay home and as they put it "don't spend a dime."
Don't buy gasoline that day.
I've gotten their silly message very clearly. If you're a shop owner or merchant, you get the message. If you're a parent paying for a college education, your student had better get the message.

The left is willing to sacrifice your money, a merchants livelihood, and a students education to say what we already know.. The left lost the election and they're unhappy.

And you want America to take you seriously? What was said about John Kerry can be said about you as well. You're "Unfit to Lead." Now go to your room!

You can bet this guy will be at his desk, he'll be stopping to gas up the SUV and his daughter had better be in class. (no doubt, daddy raised her Right)


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