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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Jihadists In Your Home Town

As America watches Donald Trump kick some hapless wannabe to the curb, Ted Kennedy again proves he just doesn’t get it. It’s just life as usual in America.

Now if you’re paying attention, if you do a little reading, if you take the time, have the interest, you’re concerned about your future. Hopefully that’s why you’re reading this.

I don’t know about you, but I go to church on a regular basis, done it for years. It’s a part of our family life; we just go to church. In all the years, through all those sermons and Sunday School lessons I was never told to hate anyone. Hate sin, for sure, but not the sinner. We’re taught to love the sinner, pray for the “lost”.

Special offerings were taken at church for the victims of the Asian tsunami. Most of those souls are Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist, not that many Christians it seems to me. But we gave and we hurt at their loss.

There’s a report just being released that concerns our Muslim friends’ right here in America. You need to read it!!!

It appears that the Muslims aren’t content just to live here in Jesus Land.They have plans for you and me. If you’re not a Muslim, they’re being taught to hate you. They are making plans to change America, the land of the free, that has taken them in. They’re working from within to destroy us.

Freedom House produced this report, its 95 pages long and it’s in pdf form. The title of the report is "Saudi publications on Hate Ideology Fill American Mosques"

Guaranteed to stun you, the Wahhabi brand of Islam being supported and promoted by Saudi Arabia in mosques around America needs to be addressed right now. Read the complete report, I promise you that you will be telling others about it. Link to it here..

Fundamentally Right wants to thank those heroes over at Freedom House. America is indebted to you.

America also owes a debt of thanks to the team over at Jihad Watch.org as well.

Our priorities are revealed by the links on the right of this page. We support the troops winning freedom for those that have yet to possess it. We support those out of uniform defending and protecting it here on the home front.

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God bless you, we salute you.


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