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Monday, December 13, 2004


"[T]his hyper-sensitivity to religious minorities requires gross insensitivity to America's majority religion. You know, the one that begins with a 'C.' Since at least 9 out of 10 taxpayers are Christians, they foot the bill for a public education system on a search-and-destroy mission against even the mildest expressions of their holidays. America was founded by Christians and based on Judeo-Christian values. The signers of the Declaration of Independence and drafters of the Constitution all were Christians -- not Buddhists, or Wiccans or Zoroastrians. Were it not for Protestant Christianity, we wouldn't have limited government, separation of powers, a Bill of Rights or religious tolerance. In short, without Christians, the United States of America would not exist. Even in an age when traditional religion is driven underground, our currency still says 'One nation under God' -- not one nation under Allah or Shiva. On January 22nd, like all of his predecessors, George W. Bush will take the oath of office on a Bible that tells the story of the Nativity." --Don Feder

"The Supreme Court spread the contagion [of hostility to free religious exercise] through a series of bumbling and incoherent First Amendment cases, and the plague has ripped through the nation's intellectual elites, most of whom equate religious _expression to fascist incitement. That's a curious twist, since the only thing protecting the American political system from fascism is religion itself. Here's why: faith supplies the essential ingredient for individual liberty -- and that ingredient is virtue. If people can agree upon basic moral precepts, they don't have to waste time watching their backs for Hobbesian treachery; they can proceed with some confidence that their persons, property and lawful actions are safe from assault. To put it in another way, when societies drive out God, somebody always moves swiftly to fill the vacuum -- and that somebody inevitably is a person or government that attempts to exercise irrevocable authority over its 'flock.' It is no accident that Hitler, Lenin, Pol Pot and other butchers of note took special pains early in their despotic careers to suppress religion and undermine the traditional family. Theophobes would find such a characterization truly horrifying, but it's true. This explains why theophobia -- while popular in faculty lounges, journalism seminars and Hollywood bacchanals -- has not and probably never will attract a public following of any appreciable influence or size." --Tony Snow

"If John McCain had his way the federal government would control every phase of our lives from our political system to our sports. Which is why, Republican or not, I wouldn't vote for him for president if he were the only person running. McCain, who inflicted the notorious McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform measure on the nation, thus bringing about the rise of the 527 political organizations, now wants to control organized baseball. He is threatening to introduce legislation that would ban the use of muscle-building, performance-enhancing steroids. Somebody should introduce legislation banning McCain. Now, I don't approve of athletes using steroids. I think it is cheating. I think it warps the record book. I think it is wrong. But I approve even less of government, including the Congress, butting in where it doesn't belong. And it sure as heck doesn't have any business regulating how baseball is played, by whom it is played and under what conditions it is played, and what legal substances a player can ingest. The steroid problem is baseball's problem, it is not the problem of the federal government." --Lyn Nofziger

Thanks to the Federalist Patriot for the above quotes….

Now Senator McCain claims he has no confidence in Rumsfield.

I guess my confidence in the Senator isn’t very great either…

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